Words of Wisdom No.8: “Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut“


An orthodontist can help a patient practice flossing teeth with their eyes shut to remove debris that causes bad breath and cavities. The American Dental Association and orthodontists have important words of wisdom concerning caring for teeth in any location. There are times a patient is not near a mirror while performing oral health care, leading to getting accustomed to pulling strands of floss from a container to scrape away food particles as though your eyes are closed. This important habit is vital because each individual has a mouth that is slightly different with tiny nooks and crannies near the gums where plaque collects.

Remove Debris

It is even more important to know how to floss properly in any situation when you wear braces. Food particles tend to stick underneath the wires of traditional metal braces, creating a horrible appearance in addition to a mouthful of bacteria. Bacteria will multiply quickly when there are nutrients available from decaying food in the mouth. The bacteria also infect gum tissue and dental enamel, causing damage to the entire mouth. Every individual wearing any type of dental braces should keep a supply of floss available in their office’s desk drawer or backpack to remove debris quickly.

Expert Care

Nalchajian Orthodontics offers an opportunity to receive expert dental care from a Fresno orthodontist or Clovis orthodontist with an evaluation concerning needing braces to have a more attractive appearance and a stronger bite. Patients can choose between two experts at Nalchajian Orthodontics facilities, including:

Dr. Greg Nalchajian
Dr. Nicole Nalchajian

All ages of patients are welcomed at Nalchajian Orthodontics to learn if plastic aligners or metal braces are necessary to straighten teeth or decrease unsightly gaps. Call to schedule an appointment today, or contact Nalchajian Orthodontics with an online form.

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Words of Wisdom No.8: “Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut“

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