Words of Wisdom No. 7 – Stay fresh


Before there was ever any sort of blue mouthwash that could mask natural halitosis, people used the smell of your breath as an indicator of overall health.  Aside from being repulsive on its surface, smelly breath often indicates having gastrointestinal problems in the body. If you suddenly have halitosis or if you have had it over your lifetime, you should go see your GI doctor as well as your orthodontist immediately. You may have some serious health issues that you have been hiding for a long time without you knowing it.

A Total Turnoff

Bad breath is definitely a turnoff in a world of pristine white teeth and perfect smiles. You had better believe that people are looking at how you appear to the senses of others in your professional and social circles. Bad breath is one of the number one turnoffs on a first date. It is also the reason that you may not be getting the promotion that you think that you deserve. If you don’t take any other advice about your appearance, your smile, the health of your teeth, take these words of wisdom to heart: Stay fresh.

With reduced costs of orthodontic treatment, there is also no reason that proper oral health should be beyond your budget. Your orthodontist has the ability to fit proper treatment into your life as it is today, improving your professional and social standing.

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Words of Wisdom No. 7 – Stay fresh

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