Why should I visit the dentist during my orthodontic treatment?

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As a teenager or the mother of a teen, having braces put onto teeth can improve your smile and give you that amazing boost of confidence you’ve always wanted. Nowadays, many people are choosing Invisalign treatment that uses clear plastic trays to gradually straighten their teeth. Whether you’ve chosen to go with Invisalign Teen treatment in Clovis or are choosing the more traditional route with metal braces, this doesn’t excuse the fact that you or your teen will still need to visit their regular family dentist once every six months. Many people assume that seeing their orthodontist is a good-enough reason to forgo seeing their regular dentist. However, your orthodontist is a specialist who focuses on straightening and aligning your teeth, so regular visits to your family dentist to check for decay, cavities or other problems that could arise is still important for good oral health.

What’s Involved During Orthodontic Treatment?

When you visit Nalchajian Orthodontics, you will begin treatment to straighten and better align your teeth. Many people have crooked teeth to some extent, and getting braces will fix this issue. Some people are fitted for braces that will be on for months and others will take longer in order to fix their smile.

During orthodontic treatment, there are many things that may be involved, but these things can differ from one person to another depending on the severity of their teeth. For some, they can easily be fitted for Invisalign and complete with their orthodontic treatment in 6 to 18 months. Others may need to be fitted for spacers, night braces and retainers that will help get the teeth in the position that they need to be in for a more gorgeous smile.

1) Check For and Remove Dental Decay

Dental decay, which is the cause of cavities, can rot your teeth to the point where you will either need dental fillings, root canals or whole tooth extractions. If you do not visit your dentist, you will not be checked for tooth decay and the treatment for any apparent decay will be delayed. This can cause more dental problems in the future because the issues weren’t remedied right when they were found.

2) Extract Teeth That May Hinder Orthodontic Results

As a teenager, there may be times when teeth shift and come in entirely that can all affect the way that orthodontic treatment is done. While many teens might ask themselves “How long does Invisalign take?”, new teeth and wisdom teeth that come in can actually cause their treatment to become longer than it should have been. A comprehensive examination by your specialist in orthodontics will anticipate these changes.

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3) Get Regular Cleanings

One thing that your orthodontist is not going to do is perform regular cleanings on your teeth to keep them shiny and beautiful. Dental cleanings are most often done by the hygienist in your regular dental office. The hygienist will use special tools to remove stuck-on plaque and stains that can actually cause tooth decay and issues with your gums over time if these things are not taken care of right away.

4) Have Regular X-Rays Taken

Whenever you go to your regular dentist, they will take a series of x-rays to examine if there are any underlying issues with your teeth. Certain underlying issues concerning your teeth or gums can play a major role in the way you are receiving orthodontic treatment from your specialist.


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While it might seem inconvenient to visit an dentist and an orthodontist throughout the year, it’s vital that you keep relationships and appointments with both of these professionals. By regularly visiting your orthodontist, your orthodontic treatment will go smoothly as planned.

When it comes to your dentist, it’s vital that you keep every six month appointment that you have in order to have x-rays taken, a cleaning done and an examination completed. In terms of your orthodontic treatment, it’s important that you visit them whenever an appointment has been scheduled to ensure that you are following through with your treatment plan.

If you have been thinking about getting a straighter smile it will benefit you to contact Nalchajian Orthodontics to set up a complimentary consultation. Starting orthodontic treatment with Nalchajian Orthodontics will enable you to feel good about your smile once and for all. There is no need to be ashamed of your smile when orthodontic treatment together with a good oral hygiene can give you the smile that you’ve always dreamed.

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Why should I visit the orthodontist during my treatment?

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