What Makes Invisalign Treatment Unique?

Photo credit: hto2008 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: hto2008 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Invisalign is an innovative new system that thousands of orthodontic patients are receiving each year. Thousands of orthodontic specialists already have the knowledge to implement this new system of malocclusion correction, and many more are obtaining certificates every day. The Invisalign system is unlike any other teeth alignment system that ever existed in the past. Although it has some similarities to the traditional braces system, it is by far more advanced and convenient than many of its predecessors are. A computer scientist named Zia Christi developed the first concept of Invisalign. He had an alignment problem that arose from his failure to wear a retainer. Therefore, he used a plastic retainer to shift all of his teeth back into place. Once he succeeded with shifting his teeth back, he recruited a friend and fellow student, Kelsey Wirth, to help him perfect the system.

Invisalign FAQ

The Invisalign technology is an intricate system that revolves around the concepts of convenience and comfort. The system consists of a set of plastic aligners that work quickly to steer the teeth into a straight position. Invisalign works in a similar fashion as traditional braces, but the texture and schematics differ. Manufacturers create aligners using high-grade plastic. The plastic aligners are soft enough to cause the wearer minimal discomfort, but they are sturdy enough to complete the tasks that the orthodontist installs them to complete.

Another amazing Invisalign FAQ is that the patients have the ability to remove the aligners. Aligner removal allows the patients the freedom to conduct tasks such as teeth brushing, eating and flossing without a severe hindrance. The plastic aligners can easily detach from the teeth so that wearers can receive the maximum amount of dental hygiene. Additionally, the plastic materials are much more comfortable than metal brackets and braces are. Patients do not have to visit the orthodontist to receive tight, painful adjustments. Instead, the orthodontist designs a full set of aligners with different specifications. The patient can change the aligners every two weeks until the end of the treatment program.

Perhaps the most important Invisalign FAQ is that the plastic aligners are clear in color and transparency. Patients can conduct their home and work routines without anyone else knowing that they have the system in place. The clear color helps patients to maintain their level of self-esteem while they are repairing their malocclusion problems.

What Makes Invisalign Unique?

The main element of Invisalign’s uniqueness is the removability. No other system of teeth correction allows the patient to remove it. Invisalign has a shorter correction time than traditional braces as well. A full Invisalign treatment may only be one year or less whereas traditional braces can take two years or more to correct a problem. Some patients who obtain Invisalign treatments have corrected their problems in as few as nine months. What makes Invisalign unique is that it provides comfort, easy access, and short treatment time in a bundle. No other alignment system can boast all three qualities.

Invisalign Treatment Simulation


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Who Can Get Invisalign?

Many orthodontic patients can qualify for Invisalign. The system can help a person who is suffering from orthodontic problems such as crookedness, overbites, underbites, crossbites, teeth crowding and more. Mature adults and other people who may feel nervous about wearing traditional braces are excellent candidates for Invisalign. Additionally, people with sensitive oral cavities are good candidates for Invisalign. An orthodontist who is experienced with Invisalign in Clovis can schedule a consultation with an interested person. He or she will discuss the benefits of the system in detail.

The Invisalign Process

The first step in receiving Invisalign treatment is visiting an orthodontist who specializes in the system. The specialist will immediately order a set of X-rays. He or she will conduct a physical examination as well. The specialist will create a thorough treatment plan that consists of an estimated recovery time. If the orthodontist and the patient decide that Invisalign is a viable option, then the facility will want to conduct an impression of the patient’s teeth. An impression is a mold of a patient’s teeth. The impression allows the orthodontist and the lab to create aligners that fit the patient perfectly. The impression will go to another specialist who will use computer technology to plan the aligner schematics.

The lab will create six to 48 different aligners, and each of the aligners will be capable of moving the teeth approximately .33 millimeters. The patient will have to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours per day. The 20-hour treatment window leaves the patient time for eating, tooth cleaning, or simply taking a break from the aligners for a short while. Most patients are advised to wear their Invisalign aligners overnight.

Treatment Times

Photo credit: MeganMorris / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: MeganMorris / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The time that it takes for a person to receive alignment results through Invisalign depends on the severity of his or her condition. The most severe cases of malocclusion will obviously take the longest amount of time to heal. The orthodontist will develop the most effective plan and make efforts to bring straightness and beauty as quickly as possible.

Paying for Invisalign

The cost of Invisalign is as affordable as traditional braces. Clients can use a number of strategies to pay for the treatment. Dental insurance is always welcome for any treatment. Orthodontists take credit cards and debit cards, as well. Some third party financial organizations offer credit cards to people who would like to have their teeth fixed. Some companies issue credit cards that they base on the consumer’s credit report while other companies issue credit lines that they base on the consumer’s banking traditions. Additionally, an orthodontist’s office may offer a special payment plan.

Nalchajian Orthodontics is a family oriented practice that has been providing services to the Clovis community for years. Interested parties can arrange a consultation about Invisalign in Clovis by calling 559-299-9561. The orthodontists at the facility truly care about the community and all of its members. Greg and Nicole will be delighted to discuss Invisalign treatment options.

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What Makes Invisalign Treatment Unique?

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