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Woman wear a lot of faces in their everyday lives, but every one is helped with a smile. Whether you have to smooth ruffled feathers at work during negotiations or reassure the kids that there really are no monsters under the bed at night, a smile can truly touch someone’s life. Crooked teeth, gaps and over or under-bites can make smiling difficult and embarrassing, but an orthodontist can help.

What can a professional orthodontist do for you?

While a dentist focuses on tooth health, an orthodontist looks at the bigger picture. They are medical specialists who correct dental and facial misalignment and problems. With their expertise, the latest dental technology and time, they can correct many problems with the jaw, bite and teeth that cause increased chance of cavities due to wear, muscle aches in the head, neck and shoulders, headaches, gum disease and even bone loss.

Treatments are available for the following problems:

Overbite – Top teeth come over the bottom teeth.
Underbite – Top teeth go behind the bottom teeth.
Open bit – Front teeth do not meet when biting down.
Protruding front teeth – The top front two teeth stick out.
Crossbite and midline problems – Front and top teeth do not line up with each other.
Crowding and spacing – Either teeth are pushed too close together or spaced too far apart.

Moms may be familiar with taking their kids to the orthodontic office for braces or spacers. These days a large percentage of patients are adults as well. With all the new technologies and treatments available, professional women and men can be helped without suffering through years of having silver hardware glued to their teeth. Transparent options and retainers only worn at night are options.

Finding an Orthodontist

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