Taking Care of Braces during Pregnancy

pregnantTaking Care of Braces during Pregnancy

If you have braces, be prepared to take care of them more because they are sensitive. Braces have tiny spaces that trap food, and the trapped food particles can cause plaque, which causes dental problems. It even gets worse if you are pregnant. Pregnant women with braces should be aware of how to take care of their braces to avoid dental problems and to ensure that they don’t interfere with their pregnancy. It may seem tedious but neglecting your oral hygiene, especially during pregnancy causes severe oral health issues.

Pregnancy and braces

The moment you realize that you are pregnant and you have braces, you should visit an orthodontist. An orthodontist will advise you on how to take care of yourself to avoid getting oral problems. However, if you want to get braces and you are pregnant, you should first consult with your gynecologist. Sometimes it is not advisable to get braces if you are pregnant. That is why an orthodontist will evaluate your medical history before getting any form of orthodontic therapy.

Note that drugs such as hormone supplements or vitamin D metabolites can lead to a reduction in teeth movement during orthodontic treatment. That is why it is important for an orthodontist to analyze your medical history and consult with your gynecologist first before recommending braces. A pregnant woman should disclose previous medical conditions like diabetes or previous pregnancy complications to an orthodontist before fixing braces. If a patient has poor oral hygiene or signs of gingival inflammation should consider getting braces after the pregnancy.

Things to consider before getting braces when pregnant

  • Pregnant women have more sensitive gums and teeth because of hormonal changes. It can be very uncomfortable to get braces because of the heightened sensitivity as well as the common orthodontic discomfort.
  • Women who go through morning sickness during their pregnancy have a rough time with braces. It limits the ability of the woman to use retainer or elastic bands properly. They have to be extra careful especially when brushing.
  • In case a tooth or more have to be removed to fix the braces, it is best that you postpone the treatment. The anesthesia used when extracting teeth is not good for you and your baby. In other words, it is good to avoid getting braces if you are pregnant unless you already had fixed braces befor

Oral hygiene for pregnant women with braces

If you get pregnant and you already had fitted braces, you have to take good care of the braces. It takes extra effort because you are pregnant, which is because you are sensitive. Here are tips to help you maintain oral hygiene.


Pregnant women with braces should ensure they brush after every meal rather than brushing twice a day. When brushing, first rinse your mouth with water to loosen food stuck around your braces. Ensure that you brush your gum line first before proceeding to clean your braces. Remember to buy the right type of toothbrush for brushing.


Make sure you floss at least once a day. Pay attention to the wires when flossing. To achieve this, use an orthodontic flosser or a floss threader. It is easier to use waxed floss since it does not snag on your braces, unlike unwaxed floss.

Foods to avoid

Pregnant women should watch what they eat, especially if they have braces. They should avoid surgery and starchy foods because they cause plaque build-up leading to cavities and gum disease. Avoid hard foods entirely because they can damage or break wires and brackets. Sticky foods are also a no-go zone for pregnant women with braces. They get caught between brackets and wires.

Pregnant women should have straight teeth and a strong bite. Therefore, if they face orthodontic issues during pregnancy, they should not shy aware from seeking medical help.

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Taking Care of Braces during Pregnancy

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