How to Take Care of Your Retainers

retainersAn orthodontic treatment does not end with installing the retainers. Keeping the retainers healthy and clean all the time is also an important aspect of your dental wellbeing. In this post, we are going to take you through a comprehensive guideline on how to take care of your retainers for a seamless beautiful smile.

Clean the retainer regularly

Like the rest of your mouth, retainers are susceptible to bacterial infection. If not cleaned regularly, they can form a breeding ground for germs and other microscopic organisms responsible for foul smell in the mouth. Therefore, you need to clean them on a regular basis just like your teeth. If possible, clean and rinse them after every meal with a soft brush. Make sure you check with your orthodontist on which brush to use when cleaning the retainers. Some of them can survive rough toothbrush and gentle toothpaste while others cannot. You can use a mouthwash that has no alcohol content.

Wear the retainer according to instructions

An orthodontist will give varying instructions depending on the current health of your teeth. He or she may require you to wear the retainer all the time or wear them at specific periods and occasions. Initially, the doctor will require you to wear the retainer full time until the jawbone and the gums begin to stabilize around the teeth. This takes a long time, and it is only your orthodontists who can advice you on the exact time you need to wear it.

Don’t eat with the retainer

Eating food with a removable retainer is always discouraged because you are likely to cause damage to it. More so, the food particles will stick in the retainer. Always take them out before any meal to prevent such damages. Ensure you put them safely in their casing until you finish eating.

Store the retainer well

Whenever you take the retainer off from your mouth, you need to store it properly. You should not leave the retainer wrapped in a tissue or paper towel since someone can easily mistake it for waste and accidentally throw it away. Never leave the retainer exposed to direct sunlight. Neither can you leave it lying around outside its casing because it can get lost.

Avoid eating foods that might damage a permanent retainer

When a doctor recommends a permanent retainer, you have no option but to abide by his or her instructions. Part of these instructions may include avoiding foods that might damage the retainer. Don’t let hard or crunchy food get into your mouth lest you break the retainers. Never use gum while on retainers since they might get stuck on them and cause serious damage. Avoid sugary foods or soda to prevent tooth decay.

Use floss threaders

To properly care for your teeth, you need to floss it occasionally. You have to floss the teeth using floss threaders in order to have access to the spacings between the teeth and the retainer wire. A floss threader is essential for feeding the dental floss between the teeth and the wires. Begin with 18 inches of waxed floss and slip one through the floss threader until it is at the center of the dental floss. Use the thread up against the teeth and move it slightly upward and downwards on the place you want to floss.

Brush around the permanent retainer

It is a bit challenging to brush your teeth round a fixed retainer. This is because you cannot just remove the retainer to brush as you do with a removable one. Since you got no option of removing it, you just have to clean around it. Use a soft brush to prevent damaging the retainers. Just use the brush as you would do without the retainer. Start with the backs then the chewing surface. Be careful with the front part. Carefully brush along your gums then continue above and below the retainer wire. After you finish brushing, rinse your mouth properly and check in the mirror to ensure you don’t miss out on any food particle.

In some cases, you can use proxabrush with a shape that looks like a Christmas tree to clean the retainer and other parts of the teeth. However, they are specially designed for cleaning around retainer wires and braces.

Keep in touch with your orthodontist regularly

Most people will forget about their orthodontist once they are through with installing the retainers. This is very wrong, especially if you desire to take care of them and heal well. You need to maintain contact with the orthodontist to help you with tips on how to care for your retainers. He or she will also help you with any problem that may arise during the healing period.

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How to Take Care of Your Retainers

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