Is It Safe to Undergo Tooth [X-rays During Pregnancy]?

xrays during pregnancy

Is It Safe To Undergo Tooth X-Rays During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy affects all areas of a woman, including her oral health. There has been a belief that women should avoid exposing themselves to radiations or any other non-emergency treatments. However, the big question is whether it’s safe for pregnant women to undergo some dental procedures that include dental x-rays.

Dental X-Rays Safe or Not Safe?

If your next orthodontic visit includes a dental x-ray, you should not be worried. The procedure is safe, and there will not be any significant effects on your developing child. Dental x-rays use small amounts of radiation, which guarantees you that the unborn child will not be exposed to any dangers during that period. Additionally, your orthodontist will ensure to protect your body further with a lead apron that covers torso and neck. However, if the x-ray is just for your routine annual exams, it can be avoided until after the birth of your young one. Some dental procedures, however, require dental x-rays for the orthodontist to administer the proper treatment method and save both you and your unborn child.

What Is The Right Time For Dental Work During Pregnancy?

In as much as dental work is necessary for pregnant moms, it is also important to know the right time for certain procedures and dental checks. If a pregnant woman bypasses dental treatment during her pregnancy, she may develop infections that may even affect the development of the fetus. This may pose a danger to the dental development of the child too. The most suitable time for dental work during pregnancy is in the second trimester. Although you can still visit your orthodontic during first and third trimesters in case of emergencies, the second trimester is ideal. During this time, the fetus has already developed the required organs, which makes it safe for the mother to undertake other treatments and medications. During the third trimester, the mother may not be comfortable to lie on her back for extended hours, therefore, making it hard for the orthodontist to perform certain procedures.

Unless it is an emergency, all dental procedures during the third trimester can be postponed until after childbirth for the sake of the mother’s safety. Additionally, this will prevent premature birth or strain the mother and cause her to stress the baby.

What about the Medication?

Another challenge that has attracted a lot of debate from various research institutions regards medications. Lidocaine category B is a common dental drug. During pregnancy, this drug crosses the placenta after administration, making it safe for the unborn child since it does not circle like other drugs.

If you have to undergo a major dental procedure, then the amount of anesthesia administered must be as little as possible. Additionally, regardless of the condition, the anesthesia amount should, at least, be able to keep you comfortable during the process. If by any chance you experience pain, it’s important to request for additional anesthesia. The only way to reduce stress between you and the child is when you are comfortable during dental procedures.

After the procedure, pregnant women, like other people, will require antibiotics to heal or prevent infections. Therefore, your orthodontic will prescribe safe antibiotics such as amoxicillin, penicillin, and clindamycin with a category B label to ensure safety.

Why Should You Observe a Good Oral Care?

Oral care is essential and expectant women should ensure that they visit orthodontists several times during their pregnancy for regular checks. Pregnant women who avoid such checks risk exposing their unborn babies to dental problems that can be reversed during pregnancy. Oral care also prevents gum bleeding and swelling, which may cause infections. Proper oral care also makes it easy to notice any possible dental problems as they arise.

When to Call the Doctor

Just like any other part of the body, it’s important to ensure your dental health is safe. Any time you experience some toothache or you feel you are not comfortable, call your doctor immediately. If you have a good orthodontist, it will be possible to spot the problem long before it starts to affect you.

Alternatively, you should ensure proper cleaning on a daily basis and book an appointment with your orthodontist at least once every trimester. This way, you will be sure that the expert will perform all the necessary procedure to diagnose and treat problems as they develop.

Is Dental X-Ray Necessary During Pregnancy?

For proper diagnose, your orthodontist might require a dental x-ray, therefore, making it a necessity. However, not all dental problems will require x-rays. In other words, your orthodontist will determine whether or not you should have an x-ray. There are times when the diagnosis can be performed without x-rays, while there are times when they are essential. It all depends on the depth of the condition and the visible symptoms. Additionally, dental x-rays during pregnancy help to show oral issues before they escalate into serious conditions.


Avoid becoming a victim of all the myths and beliefs about pregnancies and x-rays. In case of any problem, ensure to take action and seek the required medical help. As an expectant woman, you still have the right to orthodontic care, therefore, take your chances and consult an expert. Taking care of your dental health is critical for your present and future life. Also, ensure to discuss with your doctor any issue you may have and always ask about the safety of procedures during the pregnancy period.

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