Can I consider further treatment if I’m not satisfied with my smile after braces is off?

braces off


If your teeth are not straight, braces can help you to straighten them, hopefully giving you the smile you have always dreamed of. However, some people find after their treatment, their teeth  aren’t as perfect or as straight as they would have liked. If you find yourself in this situation, your mind may be racing with questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about braces and straight teeth.


Can Braces Give You Perfectly Straight Teeth?

Braces can help to straighten and align teeth, but they can’t fix every situation. If you have a severe over or under bite, or a twisted tooth, you may always have slight character flaws or imperfections to your teeth that braces, or other straightening systems, can’t fix. As such, you need to be realistic about what braces can do for you and what they cannot do for you. In some instances, other cosmetic procedures may be needed if you are looking for a flawless grin. Consult with an orthodontic professional and/or a cosmetic dentist to find out what you can expect with these dental devices and what is unrealistic to expect out of them.

What Should I Do If I Am Not Happy With My Smile When the Braces Come Off?

It is everyone’s worst nightmare. They shell out the money and time for braces and then the day comes when they get them off. But instead of being happy with what they see in the mirror, they are underwhelmed. If this is what you feel, you may be wondering how to proceed. If this is happening to you, you will want to meet with an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist.  Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with their teeth and they may think it is the straightness of them, when realistically, it is something completely different, such as the shape and color. This is where a comsetic dentist comes in. They can fix the shape and size of the teeth to get you those pearly whites you are after.  If you are positive that it is the straightness of the teeth that is the issue, the professional who placed braces on evaluate your situation and give you options as to what can be done.

What Happens if I’m Not Happy With How Straight My Teeth Are When the Braces Come Off?

Your orthodontist will want you to be happy with the results of having braces. If you are not, there are options available to you. One option is to put the braces back on, so that you can achieve the look that you want. If the braces have been removed to early or you didn’t follow the dentist’s suggestions while having them on, this may help to correct the problem.  Another popular option that is now available is Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear tray system that slowly shifts the position of your teeth, helping to straighten them. This clear tray makes it so no one knows you are wearing a straightening device. If your braces have been removed but you still desire a different look without the metal and appearance of traditional braces, this may be a great option to continue your teeth straightening journey.

The last option is to wear headgear at night as you sleep. Wearing headgear can slowly continue your teeths journey to straightness, without you having to wear braces. This is perfect for those who just need to re-shift their teeth or those whose teeth need just a bit more work.

I Was Happy With My Smile But Now My Teeth Look Crooked Again. Why?

As you get older, your teeth can end up shifting with age. As such, it is important that you understand that braces are never a permanent solution. As you age, your teeth will move and this can cause them to shift position and become uneven or crooked again. This is especially true if you lose a tooth and do not have an implant or crown placed, as it gives your teeth room to shift.  Luckily for you though, if your teeth do shift, braces or teeth alignment systems can be placed and used to quickly and easily re-straighten your teeth. Most people do not have to wear the teeth straightening devices as long as they did the first time, especially if the shifting is caught fairly early on.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Ensure I Am Happy With My Appearance When the Braces Come Off?

There is never a guarantee that you will be happy with the end results. When you go through the years of having braces and you are anxious to see what your teeth look like and if they are straight, you could be disappointed if they are not as straight as you would like for them to be. Following the recommendations of your orthodontist while the braces are on give you the best chance at being happy with the result. Keep your appointments and make sure that the braces are adjusted and tightened on a regular basis. Avoid eating food that can damage or bend the brackets. And should a bracket become loose, get it fixed right away. This can minimize the amount of time you have to wear these orthodontic devices and increase the likelihood that they will straighten your teeth as best they can.

Get More Information

Nalchajian Orthodontists are one of the best orthodontists specializing in Invisalign. Their offices are located in Clovis and Fresno and complimentary consultation is also offered by Nalchajian. For getting the best results out of Invisalign treatment, you should definitely call Nalchajian Orthodontist now. You can contact Nalchajian via phone, email or through live chat on the website.

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Smile at everyone and brighten their day! ― RamanaPemmaraju


Everyone knows a smile can brighten the day, both for the giver and the receiver. Then why doesn’t everyone smile? Wouldn’t the world be a happier place for all of us?

Some people don’t smile because they are preoccupied with busy plans or sad emotions. Others just don’t realize how beautiful their smile is. Then there are those who would like to smile but feel theirs is not attractive enough to share with others.

Anyone who has dental issues that may interfere with a beautiful smile may want to have an orthodontic evaluation. An orthodontist will examine the teeth and mouth structures, often through the help of panoramic x-rays, to identify problems and recommend treatment. Braces are often suggested to correct tilted, tipped, or twisted teeth. Gaps between teeth can be filled during treatment by moving remaining teeth into those positions.

Plenty of Options

In addition to traditional metal braces, a new structure called Invisalign is nearly invisible to observers. Often preferred by self-conscious teens or professional people who don’t want to attract unnecessary attention, Invisalign is an effective way to arrange teeth correctly in their original or new destined places for even alignment, and overall, a more attractive appearance with greater functionality for talking and eating.

For less-common problems like tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia, the orthodontist may refer patients to specialists. A congenital condition, it may affect how a child speaks or eats, but it can usually be corrected by a simple surgical procedure. Gum issues or wisdom teeth and other oral problems can also be addressed to enhance treatment by braces that will beautify the person’s smile.

The world needs more smiles to make everyone feel better. For more information or to schedule a diagnostic exam, contact Nalchajian Orthodontics. Chances are you and others will be enjoying your bright new smile before long.

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Always keep your smile. That’s how I explain my long life. – Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Louise Calment

Smiles are indeed linked to good health and vibrant life. In fact, studies suggest that smiling can enhance your mood, banishing depression, and invigorate your immune system to help prevent illness.  Jeanne Calment, the longest living woman in the world on record, would know.  If you want to enhance your smile, an orthodontist can provide a detailed evaluation and treatment plan to address dental defects or weaknesses. Here are some of the many benefits of having orthodontic work done.

Orthodontic treatment is specialized.

While a dentist provides general care and maintenance of the teeth and mouth, an orthodontist specializes in dental structures, teeth alignment, and any related needs that must be addressed. Missing or broken teeth can be fixed or replaced. Tipped or twisted teeth are maneuvered into their correct positions. Gaps between teeth or teeth that are too crowded can be adjusted appropriately to facilitate adequate brushing and dental hygiene.

Braces are the standard treatment.

Having the teeth fitted with metal wires gradually brings them into correct alignment. It may take several months, but the end result is worth it. Patients who are self-conscious about their visible treatment can opt instead for Invisalign, a clear form of wires that are not easily detected by other people. This product is perfect for those who don’t want to have their orthodontic work noticed.

Other problems can be addressed as well.

During the preliminary evaluation, the orthodontist will provide a diagnosis of any contributing factors that should be addressed during treatment with braces. For example, patients with gum disease or receding gums might need to see a periodontist. Anyone with a tongue-tie may require a simple surgical treatment to clip the tongue loose from the ligament tissue anchoring it. Referrals can be made to other specialists for these issues.

To learn more about Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments, contact Nalchajian Orthodontics. Soon your smile could be making you happier, healthier, and more attractive than ever.

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There is a thin line between smile and laughter ― SantoshKalwar

Santosh Kalwar says, “There is a thin line between smile and laughter.” Are you showing off your smile to its fullest advantage? Do you laugh with your whole heart behind it, or do you hold it back, embarrassed because of teeth that are out of alignment? If so, invisalign might be the best choice for you.

Laugh More

A bright smile is so often the precursor to laughter: a display that will brighten not only your companions’ moods, but also your own! The simple act of smiling can make your day feel brighter. Progressing to a laugh can relieve stress, make you feel better about the trials you’ve faced throughout the course of the day, help you bond with the people around you. There’s just one problem: if your parents couldn’t afford an orthodontist when you were a child, you might have spent your entire life holding back that full laugh simply because you were afraid that your teeth might show.

Crooked, misaligned teeth can take the brilliance out of your smile and make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. All too often, your shame has prevented you from laughing with your whole heart behind it, often stopping it before you could even get started. No longer! There’s a solution that will bring that smile raging back. For the first time in years, you’ll be able to laugh with your mouth uncovered, your head thrown back, and your excitement showing with every giggle.

If you’re ready to have been embarrassed by your smile for the last time, it’s time to talk about braces with your orthodontist. Invisalign can make your smile beautiful without displaying to the world that you’re wearing braces as an adult–and what could be better? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how to make your smile more attractive than ever before.

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Why is a Dentist not an Orthodontist?

orthodontic-315784_640We have all heard the popular phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to the dental world, many professionals prefer to think of the phrase as, “A smile is worth a thousand words.” It is a person’s facial expression that is often used in creating a first impression. It expresses many experiences such as joy, happiness, excitement and love. It is these realizations that sparks a passion in many orthodontists and dentists. They are in the business of creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

What is the difference?

Many people confuse the professions of dentists and orthodontists. While it is true that an orthodontic specialist is a dentist, they don’t perform the same methods of treatment. They both endure medical school and postgraduate training. However, orthodontists take it a step further. After postgraduate training, they complete two years of orthodontic residency training. During their residency, they focus solely on treatments and studies for the jaw, bones and teeth. They study the alignment of teeth and how they move. (If you had braces and then a retainer, you would better understand the importance of wearing the retainer daily. Why? if you don’t wear the retainer on a daily basis for long period of time, the teeth can and will move!) Take a look at the list of ailments that they treat.

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • TMJ
  • Overly Spaced Teeth

Although they are best known for their method of straightening teeth with braces, it’s important to remember that they also treat jaw annoyances such as TMJ. If you have a popping jaw, aching and tiredness after chewing, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist. They have the tools and newest advancements to treat and correct jaw pain and tightness and all the ailments that come with TMJ. (Don’t worry. They don’t always want to leap into surgery, break your jaw, sew it shut for six weeks and then surgically reopen it. This fear keeps many TMJ sufferers from seeking help. There are other treatments that work effectively without immediately assuming the worst case scenario.)

Now let’s take a look at what general dentists treat.

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Cleaning

Clearly, dentists provide oral care for the most basic of dental problems whereas orthodontists are dental specialists.

How is an Appointment Generally Referred?

Dentists will refer their patients to an orthodontic specialist when they notice an abnormality during a routine dental cleaning. One of the most common scenarios occur with children as their permanent teeth start to emerge. Dentists pay close attention to a child’s dental development as the permanent teeth take form. If a child’s permanent teeth are becoming crowded, crooked or improperly spaced out, the dentist will refer the child to an orthodontic specialist. At this point, the child is most likely a candidate for braces. After all, how rare is it that a teenager doesn’t need braces? Unfortunately, many families cannot afford orthodontic treatment for the straightening of teeth and thus, these children mature with crooked or crowded teeth. Many times, these patients seek out orthodontic treatment later in adulthood.

Many adults recognize their need for orthodontic treatment but are embarrassed to wear the metal bling. A major breakthrough in orthodontic treatment came with the advancement technology of Invisalign. This form of alignment correction allows the patient to wear a clear mold over their teeth without the embarrassment of braces. In addition to the less embarrassing mouth, Invisalign offers a more efficient method of straightening crooked teeth than ever before. Like all technology, this method is constantly advancing and improving.

Maintain Excellent Oral Care!

Now that you know the difference between dentistry and orthodontics, you should be more familiar with the importance of maintaining excellent oral hygiene and care! To avoid gum disease and tooth infections, floss and brush twice daily. If you’ve had those pearly teeth straightened by the methods of an orthodontist, follow his advice and wear your retainer daily. Not only is this for the benefit of your oral health, but this is for a beautiful mouth! It is proven that self-esteem is boosted with a nice smile. After all, a smile is worth a thousand words.

Where Can I Find a Great Orthodontic Specialist?

Statistically, only ten percent of all dentists venture into the orthodontic world. With the extensive training in the study of the jaw and teeth, it is safe to say that most orthodontists are excellent and passionate with their methods of treatment.

Nalchajian Orthodontics is a team of two orthodontists that serve in the Fresno and Clovis areas. Yes, they have two locations! If you live in the area and are seeking a referral to an orthodontic office, this practice is the one to choose! As a family team, the practice opened in 1965 and has been in operation ever since.  Their patients have become a part of the family and the best treatment is offered. Even better, the first office visit is free to everyone! First-time patients are offered a free exam with the utmost gentle care. In that first exam, the patient will learn what treatments are recommended and how long treatment should last. If you are searching for a friendly staff and a caring orthodontist, don’t look any further than Nalchajian Orthodontics.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 9: Cucumber


Cucumbers are just the thing when a person needs something cool on a hot day. Amazingly versatile, this fruit/vegetable can be used not only in salads but in cold soups and sauces, as pickles, on tiny open faced sandwiches with sprigs of dill or even as smoothies. But how many people know that cucumbers are also good for their smile?

The Crunch

A ripe cucumber is famously crunchy. Even a pickled cucumber is crunchy. This crunchiness is good for the teeth because it helps to scrub away plaque, that film of bacteria on the teeth that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Vitamins and Minerals

Cucumbers have calcium and vitamins A and C. Calcium is crucial for keeping teeth strong and healthy and helping them to develop properly in children. Calcium is especially abundant in the seeds. Vitamin A and C are antioxidants, which protect the cells of the body from free radicals that damage them even down to the level of DNA. This protection extends to the cells that make up the inner layers of the teeth.

No Sugar

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 1/2 cup of cucumber, sliced, with the peel on, has almost no sugar. As any orthodontist knows, an excess of sugar leads to tooth decay because it feeds the bacteria that lives in dental plaque.


A cup of cucumber is as hydrating as a glass of water, and it is important for strong, healthy teeth for the mouth to stay hydrated. A dry mouth encourages the growth of plaque.

So as can be seen, a regular intake of cukes can help keep that smile healthy and brilliant. For more information, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with an orthodontist at our offices at Nalchajian Orthodontics.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 8: Strawberries


Everyone knows that regular brushing and flossing is essential for good oral hygiene, but many people overlook the power that a healthy diet can have for improving one’s smile. While sticky, sugary sweets can only lead to cavities, there are certain fruits and vegetables that actually contribute to better oral health. Strawberries are among the fruits often recommended to patients due to the following benefits they can have for teeth.

Whitening Effect

Tooth whitening is a popular treatment these days, but natural methods are recommended over chemical treatments for those who are undergoing treatment by an orthodontist. Fortunately, the same chemical that gives strawberries their tart, citrusy flavor can also have a mild whitening effect on teeth. This can reduce the possibility of developing surface stains from coffee and other dark-colored drinks.

Healthier Gums

Preventing gum disease should be a part of everyone’s oral hygiene strategy, yet flossing can only go so far to reduce inflammation. Strawberries contain vitamin C, which is essential for your immune system to be effective at fighting disease. By adding more strawberries to your diet, you can increase your body’s ability to heal minor gum injuries and fight back against bacteria.

Easy on Braces

Brackets and wires are delicate, and new patients are always educated about foods that they should avoid by their orthodontist. Those who have a penchant for sweet and sour candies often have to find an alternative solution to feed their cravings. Fortunately, strawberries provide a similar flavor while also being soft enough to eat with orthodontic appliances.

Strawberries are just one of the many fruits and vegetables that can benefit your oral health. To learn about others that can improve the health of your teeth, then contact Nalchajian Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment so we can help you stay on track with maintaining your perfect smile.

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Can you still maintain a healthy diet while using Invisalign?


Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important things that anyone can do for their health. There are a variety of different super foods that people can eat in order to get the proper vitamins and minerals in the diet. Many people that have Invisalign worry that they will not be able to continue to eat healthy. While there are some foods that should be avoided while using Invisalign, there are still a wide variety of options for people that in this process. Here are several types of food that can still be eaten while using Invisalign to properly align your teeth.

Benefits of Using an Orthodontist

Invisalign is a new type of device that can help people get straight teeth without having to use braces. This is much preferred for people that are middle age that need to have some sort of dental work done. The great thing about Invisalign is the fact that it is almost invisible. After going through the proper time period of having Invisalign, a person will have a much more beautiful smile. Using an orthodontist for this procedure has a variety of benefits. Many orthodontists usually have an expertise in this type of work. They should be able to help clients who have questions during the process. Here are a couple of examples of foods that they recommend.


Avocados are one of the best forms of potassium and healthy fat that anyone can eat. Many people are starting to develop a taste for avocados which has cause their prices to increase. One of the best aspects of avocados in regards to Invisalign is the fact that it will not get stuck in a person’s teeth. When using Invisalign, a person should be thinking about the effects that the food will have on their teeth after eating. This is one of the primary reasons that avocados are a great choice in this situation. Not only are they full of vitamins and nutrients, but they do not contain any sugar that will affect teeth.


Carrots have several vitamins and minerals that help to build strong teeth. The skin that is over the carrot has a film that helps teeth grow stronger as well. Anyone that is using Invisalign should eat more carrots in their diet in order to strengthen their teeth. Carrots are also hard and firm. This means it will be difficult for pieces of the food to get lodged between the teeth. Anytime that food gets stuck in the teeth, it can hurt how effective the Invisalign is at straightening out the teeth. Be sure to add carrots to your diet if you ever get Invisalign to help your smile.


Milk is full of calcium, and this essential nutrient has many benefits to bones and teeth in the body. Many people want to drink sugary sodas that have properties that erode teeth. Simply switching from soda to milk can have a huge positive effect on how well teeth look and perform over time. Any good dentist or orthodontist should recommend milk as part of a balanced diet while using Invisalign. Not only does milk taste great, but it has a variety of benefits to the body. The enamel on teeth is one of the most essential aspects of healthy dental hygiene. There are components in milk that build up this enamel over time if milk is consumed every day. There are many more benefits to drinking milk outside of oral health as well. There are many studies that show regular drinking of milk helps to keep weight in check and muscles strong.

Healthy Diet

It should be fairly easy to maintain a healthy diet while using Invisalign. These are just a couple examples of healthy foods that can easily be eaten during the process. It is important to still eat healthy while going through this procedure. Teeth will last as long as they are taken care of. However, eating foods that are full of sugar and devoid of any nutrients can have negative effects on how well teeth look. If a person is going to go through the trouble of using Invisalign, they should invest in eating a healthy diet during the process. This will make their teeth look better and last longer.

Final Thoughts

Dental professionals can make a huge difference in how well a person’s smile looks. One of the best products on the market today for middle aged people is Invisalign. This is an invisible piece of dental equipment that goes over the mouth in an attempt to make the teeth more straight. Anyone that is thinking about using this product for their mouth should look in to using a highly rated dental professional. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet while using this product. Teeth will last longer and look better if a person is eating a diet full of vitamins and minerals that strengthen teeth. There are plenty of healthy foods that can be eaten while a person is using this product, so there is no excuse to not do so.

Visit Nalchajian Orthodontics to schedule an appointment and for more advice on making your smile look its best.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 7: Pineapples



One fruit that is both tasty and healthy is also good for maintaining nice white teeth. Fresh pineapples are rich in an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain has been shown to be able to remove stains from teeth quite effectively. A scientific study found that applying bromelain to teeth could lighten teeth four-fold more than a control brushing regimen.

In addition, bromelain can also break up and destroy plaque. Plaque is the sticky bacteria-containing film that tends to cover the teeth. The bacteria in plaque are what cause tooth decay. Bromelain breaks down proteins, and therefore can digest plaque quite readily. Eating some pineapple for dessert or just as a snack most days is a very tooth-friendly idea.

Food Stains

The foods and beverages that you select can have a major impact on the color and health of your teeth. For example, consuming a lot of acidic and sugary soda is not good for dental health in general. Beverages such as red wine, coffee, and tea can stain the teeth, and it is best to avoid tobacco altogether for many reasons. It doesn’t just cause lung cancer; it also causes bad breath and yellow teeth.


Benefits of Straight Teeth

Even, white teeth and healthy gums dramatically improve a person’s appearance. Studies conducted in the US and the UK report that white, straight teeth make people look younger, healthier, wealthier, smarter, better-educated, and more trustworthy. Having crooked, stained teeth can hurt your chances of landing a job, and are a major reason why a second date does not happen.

Of course, proper treatment by an orthodontist is necessary to get nice, straight teeth. A professional whitening treatment is also a good first step towards getting that perfect smile. However, in-between dentist visits and professional orthodontist treatment, there are many things you can do at home to preserve and improve your smile.

Visit Nalchajian Orthodontics to schedule an appointment and for more advice on making your smile look its best.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 6: Watermelon


Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables help create the foundation for a healthy diet. However, not all fruits and vegetables are friendly to your teeth as any Orthodontist can tell you. This can be especially true for seniors and children who have especially sensitive mouths due to tooth loss and growth, gum sensitivity and orthodontic braces.  Your Orthodontist knows that some fruits and vegetables that contain wonderful vitamins and minerals may be fibrous, hard or contain a high acid content that could cause dental trouble. For instance, following dental work, a person’s mouth is quite sensitive and simply eating an orange could cause pain to sensitive gums and teeth.

Introducing the Wonderful Watermelon

However, it is quite safe to consume watermelon even if you have a sensitive mouth or recently had dental work. Watermelon consists of 92 percent water, so the pulp is quite soft and it is not fibrous, so it will not get stuck between teeth or force loose teeth out of place.  Ten ounces of watermelon also gives you a healthy dose of vitamins A and C–as much as 25 percent of your total daily requirement. It also delivers a big 270 mg of potassium. You get all of this and it’s completely fat free! This will surely make you smile.

Have You Seen the Lycopene?

Another thing that has scientists excited about watermelon is lycopene, the nutrient that gives watermelon its pretty pink color. Lycopene belongs to the class of phytonutrients which means that it has the ability to act as a healthy catalyst in the body.  In fact, lycopene has been linked to heart, bone and prostate health. Lycopene may also be linked with bone health in your mouth, which leads to the overall health and retention of your teeth.  As scientists learn more about the human metabolism and how it works, we can benefit from discoveries like lycopene and the fact that watermelon is one of the most lycopene rich foods we have discovered.

If you have any additional questions about braces, or would like a consultation, schedule an appointment with Nalchajian Orthodontics today!

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