What is the Best Age for My Child to See an Orthodontist?

imagesDental hygiene has always been a priority for you, and now, you want to instill those same skills in your children. However, knowing exactly when the time has come to take them to an orthodontist is difficult to pinpoint, and this decision should be based on several factors.

Your Dentist’s Recommendation

An orthodontist is not the same as a dentist. Instead, an orthodontist is a type of dentist who specializes in braces. When your children go for regular cleanings and check-ups, they are not visiting the orthodontist. Generally, your children’s dentist is going to be the first one to recommend an orthodontist in Fresno. Even though he or she is not putting the braces on your children, the dentist knows what signs to look for. Working with a pediatric dentist is an excellent way to obtain strong recommendations to see an orthodontist in the near future.

Your Children and Their Baby Teeth

Parents should understand that, in general, children do not get braces from an orthodontist in Clovis until they have all lost all of their baby teeth and the adult teeth have grown in. If they have braces before all of their adult teeth are in, shifts could naturally happen with the teeth. Having braces with baby teeth does not really make sense. However, the first orthodontist visit might happen before all of the baby teeth are out. The parent and the orthodontist might start to make a plan for putting on braces once the adult teeth are in.

The Severity of the Issue

Once you have taken the presence of your children’s adult teeth into account, you also need to look at the severity of the issue to determine the right age for orthodontic visit. Some parents want to wait until a special event passes in their children’s lives before getting the braces put on. Find out how long you can wait from the dentist for the first visit with the orthodontist. Remember, the orthodontist needs to assess your children; braces are not just put on right away, so you will still have a waiting period before it starts.

The Responsibility Level of Your Children

While age does have a role in how responsible you are, it’s certainly possible to find an eight-year-old who is more responsible than his ten-year-old sister and so forth. You are going to have a large role in helping your children to take care of their braces, but you cannot be there every second of the day. You need to feel confident that your children are going to brush their teeth properly and not consume foods that are bad for braces. If your child is not responsible enough to follow simple rules and the issue isn’t severe, you may wish to wait a bit until he or she is more mature.

Scheduling an appointment with Nalchajian Orthodontics is important for the dental hygiene of your children, and once you are there, you can work to determine what the appropriate age is for braces as each case varies.


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What is the Best Age for My Child to See an Orthodontist?

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