The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy

Visiting an orthodontist

“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy” – Dalia Lama

The dental health of an individual can affect the overall health, career prospects, social life as well as eating habits of the person. Though hereditary factors affect the dental health, including gums, many of the major dental problems can be avoided by taking proper care of the teeth, and having a regular dental checkup. One of the major dental problems which are caused by hereditary factors are misaligned teeth or protruding teeth, and this problem is worsened by bad habits such as sucking your thumb or pacifier for long periods of time, especially while sleeping.

Reasons for visiting an orthodontist

Children with protruding teeth are often the target of bullying and ridicule in school, making it difficult to socialize. These teeth will affect the eating habits of the individual, making it difficult to eat food quietly, which is consider impolite in many social circles. Hence parents, should take their children to the orthodonist as soon as possible, after the misalignment of teeth is detected. Starting orthodontic treatment early will often result in a permanent solution and the treatment itself will take a shorter time.

Orthodontic treatment

Before visiting the orthodontist, it is advisable to visit a dentist who will check the general dental health of the child. The orthodontist will examine the child to check whether the teeth are misaligned, and the extent of the treatment needed. In some cases, if the teeth are slightly misaligned, the orthodontist may prescribe certain simple tips, which can help the teeth realign quickly. On the other hand, for older children with misaligned teeth, the orthodontist will take measurements of the mouth, and prepare braces to help align the teeth. As the teeth get aligned, the braces will have to be adjusted to push the teeth into place. The earlier the orthodontist examines the child and suggests a treatment, will help to foster a healthy smile and a happy life.

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“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy” – Dalia Lama

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