All about Retainers

What are Retainers?

Orthodontics Retainers are custom-fit orthodontic appliances that help maintain the position of teeth or work to realign one or two teeth in a patient’s mouth. They tend to go hand-in-hand with braces and other orthodontic procedures that may not necessarily require surgery.

While they do represent another piece of hardware that needs to be worn, they represent only a minor hassle that can bring big benefits to keeping your smile in pristine condition.

What Are Orthodontic Retainers?

An orthodontic retainer is made from an impression of a patient’s mouth, which means that no two retainers are the same. They’re designed to hold teeth in place while the jawbone and soft tissue above it are still settling after a procedure like orthodontic braces or to realign one or two teeth at a time.

A retainer can fit the upper portion of a patient’s mouth, the lower portion or it can be worn as a set of two for both the upper and lower portions of the mouth.

Who Should Wear a Retainer?

There are a few types of patients who will need to wear a retainer.

  • Patients who formerly had braces – The procedure of realigning teeth using traditional braces or Invisalign braces leaves the underlying structure of the mouth malleable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it allows your teeth to be moved and repositioned in a way that makes your smile beam.Orthodontic retainers are generally used after a patient undergoes treatment using orthodontic braces to keep the teeth locked in place until the bone and soft tissue stiffens.
  • Young children – Young children tend to have a more malleable mouth than adults due to the way their bodies work. This means that their teeth may be prone to movement that can ultimately prove unfavorable.To prevent this, a retainer set can be used to correct minor deviations and to safeguard against any unwanted movements.
  • Patients correcting one or two teeth – A retainer can be used to correct the alignment of one or two teeth at a time when a full set of braces isn’t required.

Steps to Retainer Care

To ensure that your retainer lasts as long as possible, follow the following retainer care steps:

  1. When not using your retainer, always keep it in the case. This prevents it from getting damaged, warped or harmed.
  2. Brush your retainer whenever you brush your teeth. Ensure that you use an extra soft toothbrush with a gentle toothpaste, such as the kind designed for people suffering from canker sores.
  3. Disinfect your retainer on a regular basis by using a denture cleaner or retainer cleanser with something like peracetic acid or another antimicrobial agent with warm water.
  4. Don’t put your retainer in the dishwasher. Harsh chemicals and hot water are a sure way to lessen the life of your orthodontic device.

Failure to care for your retainer can result in unnecessary replacements and may lengthen your orthodontic treatment if they become warped.

The Cost of Retainers

The cost of retainers tends to vary depending upon the type of retainer desired.

  • The Hawley style of retainer, which is made of hard acrylic with wire bonded to fit into the patient’s mouth, tends to cost between $150 to $300 per retainer. While the cost of replacement tends to be included with braces, they can be replaced for about $70 to $250 per retainer.
  • An Essix retainer, which is made of hard clear plastic formed from a vacuum process, costs anywhere from $100 to $20 per retainer. This type of retainer tends to be prone to warping and breaking, which means that it may need to be replaced more frequently than other types.
  • A Vivera clear plastic retainer, such as those used in the Invisialign process, cost $300 to $750 for a set of orthodontic retainers each year. Replacements are mailed to the patient every three months.
  • Correcting overbites and other dental imperfections using a retainer can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 due to the fact that these types of procedures tends to require multiple sets of appliances designed to reshape the mouth over a long period of time.

At Nalchajian Orthodontics, we assure you the best possible orthodontic solutions, be it treatment or consultation. Get in touch with us today.

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All  about Retainers

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The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy

Visiting an orthodontist

“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy” – Dalia Lama

The dental health of an individual can affect the overall health, career prospects, social life as well as eating habits of the person. Though hereditary factors affect the dental health, including gums, many of the major dental problems can be avoided by taking proper care of the teeth, and having a regular dental checkup. One of the major dental problems which are caused by hereditary factors are misaligned teeth or protruding teeth, and this problem is worsened by bad habits such as sucking your thumb or pacifier for long periods of time, especially while sleeping.

Reasons for visiting an orthodontist

Children with protruding teeth are often the target of bullying and ridicule in school, making it difficult to socialize. These teeth will affect the eating habits of the individual, making it difficult to eat food quietly, which is consider impolite in many social circles. Hence parents, should take their children to the orthodonist as soon as possible, after the misalignment of teeth is detected. Starting orthodontic treatment early will often result in a permanent solution and the treatment itself will take a shorter time.

Orthodontic treatment

Before visiting the orthodontist, it is advisable to visit a dentist who will check the general dental health of the child. The orthodontist will examine the child to check whether the teeth are misaligned, and the extent of the treatment needed. In some cases, if the teeth are slightly misaligned, the orthodontist may prescribe certain simple tips, which can help the teeth realign quickly. On the other hand, for older children with misaligned teeth, the orthodontist will take measurements of the mouth, and prepare braces to help align the teeth. As the teeth get aligned, the braces will have to be adjusted to push the teeth into place. The earlier the orthodontist examines the child and suggests a treatment, will help to foster a healthy smile and a happy life.

To schedule your child for a initial exam, contact Dr. Greg or Dr. Nicole here.

Nalchajian Orthodontics – 7501 N Fresno St, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720

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“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy” – Dalia Lama

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Why Should you Keep your Braces On?

Because Health is Worth it and it can Come with Style!

OrthodonticsThe saying goes “pain is beauty,” because that is what it can be sometimes. As a teenager, my teeth, particularly my mandibular incisors, were misaligned. That is what happens when you ignore your parents’ advice: “Don’t touch your teeth when they are growing in.” As kids we are curious learning machines. And I remember thinking that this trait does not go unpunished later in life. I remember when my parents broke the news that I was getting kids braces. It became a bother to not be able to enjoy certain foods, having to brush and floss more carefully, and constantly checking whether I had food in my teeth.

Luckily, there are many options when it comes to braces for kids nowadays. When I was 13, the only type were the metal ones. This is probably the type we think of when the word “braces” is mentioned. The only highlight of my orthodontist appointment was getting to choose the colors for my bands. For teenagers, decisions like that are very important as they start to form their own opinions. Plus, adults can have fun with this too.
However, for some people metal on their teeth does not sound appealing no matter the reward. For those people, lingual braces, the ones that go on the back of the teeth, can be an option. Clear braces can also be one. These choices can be considered for kids braces too. Your orthodontist will help you choose the right option for you depending on the treatment you need.

No matter what option you choose, it is important to finish the treatment protocol as recommended by your orthodontist. When braces are put on, whether metal, lingual or clear braces, teeth start to move. That is one of the main points of the treatment, to get the teeth in their correct position.

Braces for kids can be overwhelming. As a parent, you may be faced with your child pleading to allow them to take them off. As an adult, this can also seem like the easier, more comfortable choice. But teeth will be moving for quite some time. Your orthodontist will tell you how long the treatment will last, depending on the specific issue to be fixed. Stopping the treatment before that time can do more harm than good as the teeth will not have finished moving to where they need to be. Not to mention that if you take them off before the end of treatment, it may be tougher to correct the issue later on. The original problem can seem worse or more daunting. Plus, taking them off before the recommended time may create more problems.

If orthodontic treatment is right for you or braces for kids are an option for your teenagers, make sure to stick to the recommended treatment. When the new smile appears and the benefits of taking better care of your teeth are reaped, you will pat yourself and your orthodontist on the back for a job well done. Contact Nalchajian Orthodontics today to unlock the doors to a specialized oral treatment or if you have any queries about any orthodontic treatment procedure.

Nalchajian Orthodontics – 7501 N Fresno St, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720

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Why Should You Keep your Braces On?

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A Smile is an Inexpensive Way to Change Your Looks

Aesthetic Orthodontics in Fresno

Aesthetic Orthodontics provides many techniques for improving a flawed smile. In the old days, dentists cleaned teeth, filled cavities, pulled teeth and fitted patients with dentures. Today, a whole new world of advanced dentistry has opened up to the cosmetic aspects of pearly whites.

Cosmetic treatments aren’t just for looks, either. It’s been proven that the way a person feels about his or her appearance will have a profound impact on his or her quality of life. This is especially true of teeth, gums and mouths. We use our oral structures to talk, smile, laugh, eat and even show affection by kissing. If ours teeth are misaligned or unsightly, we may keep our mouths shut and be perceived as shy, having nothing to say, lackluster, standoffish or cold. Ugly choppers cost people jobs, promotions, friends, companionship and even love. Here are some treatments that an aesthetic orthodontist can do to improve flawed structures:


Tooth enamel may become yellow or dingy gray due to old age, smoking cigarettes, drinking black tea, coffee or red wine. Orthodontists can brighten and whiten the enamel with bleaching techniques only available from their practice, such as using strips, gels, and liquids. Toothpastes have bleaching agents which may be used at home, too.


There are various methods for straightening misalignment including braces and Invisalign. Crooked teeth not only look unsightly, they also may result in lost structures, inability to eat certain foods and jaw pain. Nalchajian Orthodontics provide a friendly and state-of-the-art service to create beautiful, healthy smiles in their Fresno and Clovis practices.

Children as young as age 7 or 8 are going in for their first orthodontist appointments in order to achieve highly successful results. Adults and teens are able to achieve successful straightening, too, but the older a person gets, the less flexible their oral structures are. Straightening devices come in an array of options, too, such as nearly invisible, colorful bands and designer styles in brackets all of which can make having teeth straightened downright stylish.

Aesthetic orthodontics offers every individual the chance to be proud of his or her smile. For information about what can be done to improve your oral structures, making an appointment would be smart. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Nalchajian Orthodontics – 7501 N Fresno St, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720

Phone: (559) 432 7100

A Smile is an Inexpensive Way to Change Your Looks

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What is the Right Time for an Orthodontist Checkup?

Early Treatment: Why Your Child Should Have An Orthodontic Screening

Orthodontics for kidsOne of the most common questions orthodontists are asked is “when is the right time for a checkup for my child?” Even though most people assume orthodontic treatment should be started when their child reaches the pre-teen years, you should have your child evaluated much sooner. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should have an orthodontic screening by the time they reach 7 years of age. By this age, children typically have a mixture of adult and baby teeth, which makes it the ideal time for an evaluation.

Benefits of Early Evaluation:

Orthodontics for kids allows the doctor to monitor your child’s teeth as they grow and age. This regularly monitoring helps prevent future problems and ensures the heath of your little one’s teeth. Other benefits of orthodontics for kids include:

  • Spot subtle problems with emerging teeth and jaw line while baby teeth are still present.
  • Identify any potential problems with your child’s bite while the problem is still treatable.
  • Early treatment helps prevent more serious health problems and can help make potential treatments later on in life less complicated.
  • Achieve positive results that would not have been otherwise possible once the jaws and face stop growing.
  • Early evaluation allows the doctor to choose the optimal time for treatment to begin.
  • Early evaluation increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Early treatment gives your orthodontist in Fresno the chance to guide your child’s jaw growth, correct harmful and damaging oral habits, reduce the risk of trauma to their protruded front teeth, guide permanent teeth into the best position and improve the way their lips meet. Overall, early orthodontic treatment improves the appearance and health of your child’s teeth, jaw and bite.

Signs your Child’s Bite Isn’t Right:

Just because your child’s teeth look straight doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with their bite. Unfortunately, trying to determine whether or not there is a problem can be difficult without the help of a professional. However, there are a few signs you should be on the lookout for that could that could indicate a problem:

  • Late or early baby teeth loss
  • Breathing through their mouth
  • Difficulty biting and chewing
  •  Misplaced, blocked-out or crowded teeth
  • Thumb sucking
  • Jaws are too far back or forward
  • Protruding teeth
  • Biting the cheek
  • Biting into the roof of their mouth
  • Grinding teeth
  • Clenching teeth
  • Lower and upper teeth not meeting or meeting in an unusual way
  • Unbalanced facial appearance

If your child is showing any of the signs above, you should setup an appointment with your trusted orthodontist in Fresno to determine whether your child has a potential problem with their teeth, jaw or bite. The doctor will also provide you with the recommended course of action to correct any problems and keep your child happy and healthy.

Regular checkups not only create a beautiful smile, they also help keep your child healthy. For more information about orthodontic treatment in Fresno California and Clovis California, contact Nalchajian Orthodontics.

Nalchajian Orthodontics – 7501 N Fresno St, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720

Phone: (559) 432 7100

What is the Right Time for an Orthodontist Checkup?

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Orthodontist; Defined

What is an Orthodontist?

Basic Definition:

OrthodontistAn orthodontist is a special type of a dentist who treats common flaws found in the teeth of children and adults. While there are dentists who facilitate oral health solutions, an orthodontic specialist is highly educated with the knowledge to make sure that a patient has a great smile. These experts will make sure that the teeth and jaw can move correctly so that the patient will have a proper smile.

What Makes Orthodontics Unique:

As a type of oral health care, orthodontic treatments can provide a long-term solution to aid with out of place teeth. The treatments are permanent so that patients will no longer have to deal with crooked teeth. And in recent years, there has been a tremendous improvement in the technology used in orthodontics.

Common Orthodontic Problems:

There are numerous orthodontic complications that a patient could have. If the upper teeth are far ahead of the bottom teeth, then this is an overbite. If the bottom teeth are far head of the upper teeth, then this is an underbite. Teeth that are not aligned properly can also be classified as a crossbite or a deep bite. There are also patients suffering from a combination of these problems.

Impact of Crowded Teeth:

Problems of misaligned teeth can cause food to not be chewed properly. Speech problems might develop at a young age if these problems persist. Some patients could see bite marks on their checks and a bad smile.

Care for Children:

Most children with these problems should consider seeing an orthodontist starting at age 7. It is normal for children to develop some crowded teeth and a lack of proper space in the teeth. Bad habits such as thumb sucking could cause these problems. An orthodontic specialist might consider using braces to solve these issues. There are different types of braces on the market today.

Proper Care of Braces:

A patient could have braces during a 2-4 year period. With the braces on, patients should take care of them and practice good oral hygiene. This includes avoiding sticky and hard foods. Typically, patients would wear a retainer following braces.

Orthodontics for Adults:

Orthodontic care can be appropriate for people of all ages. There are specialists who provide orthodontics for adults. Their services typically include braces to improve oral health and to straighten teeth. For adults who are concerned about wearing braces, there are clear braces that are not as noticeable.

Finding the Right Orthodontist:

When seeking orthodontic care, it is important to find a specialist who is local and who has a vast reputation for quality. In case of an emergency, you should find one who can schedule an appointment immediately to help you. They should also provide service for children and adults. Nalchajian Orthodontics is a great orthodontist in Fresno. They provide care for patients of all ages. In addition to being an orthodontist in Fresno, they also have another office in Clovis. Contact them today to schedule a consultation or an appointment.

Nalchajian Orthodontics – 7501 N Fresno St, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720

Phone: (559) 432 7100

Orthodontist; Defined

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