The surplus of the heart overflows from a smile ― Charles de Leusse


How often do you smile? Did you know that smiling is its own form of communication, and it conveys positive emotions and sometimes a greeting to those you meet? When we smile, we feel better and make others happier. But when we frown, the opposite is true. A smile can be a special gift to others or a way to reassure ourselves. If we spent as much time on our smile as we do our makeup and hair, the world would be a much happier place.

There’s Always a Solution

Maybe you would smile more if your teeth were more even. It could be that an overbite, an under-bite, or a cross-bite is making you feel self-conscious. Maybe you have lost some teeth in an accident, or they never came in correctly. Whatever your dental problems, a competent orthodontist can help to fix them with standard braces or a clear version called Invisalign.

Being fitted for braces is your first step to a whole new look. When your teeth have been adjusted, your new smile will be unbelievable. You will love the way your newly-straightened teeth look after the orthodontist has completed your treatment. You might even be able to take advantage of the treatment option called Invisalign, which is a clear form of braces that appears almost invisible, so others will hardly notice that you are having orthodontic work done.

Yes, there is much to smile about when getting your teeth aligned to look better than ever. A happy smile makes you feel good inside. It makes others feel great just looking at you! For more information about how orthodontic treatments can help, contact Nalchajian Orthodontics with questions. They can explain the type of exam that is needed to diagnose your teeth’s problems and prescribe a treatment plan. Before long, you could be wearing the kind of smile that warms others’ hearts.

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