Smiling Speaks to People Charmingly Without Saying a Word


The act of smiling has many positive elements to it, but the greatest one is that it can speak to other people. A gorgeous smile can speak to a person in the morning and say, “It’s nice to see you today!” A smile can give a subtle confirmation of acknowledgment to a passerby. A smile has an element of charm in it, as well. A smile can let a male or female know that one is interested in meeting some time for coffee. Smiles are priceless in their ability to communicate. Therefore, Fresno residents should always make a point to visit the orthodontist to perfect the smile. An orthodontist can perfect the smile with the following treatments:

Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

First thing’s first. A perfect smile starts with a clean smile. An experienced orthodontist can provide a patient with just the right amount of teeth cleaning and whitening. Some dental plans cover cleaning.

Braces and Brackets

Braces are options for people who suffer from a deep level of malocclusion. An experienced orthodontist can provide a patient with some options for braces such as traditional braces, lingual braces, Damon braces and so much more.

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a revolutionary system that uses plastic aligners that can come out of the mouth. Invisalign is magnificent for situations that call for access. Users can remove their aligners to clean their teeth at any given time. Invisalign is for people who want to keep their treatment discreet but still effective.

Contact Us to Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment

If you are fortunate enough to live in California, then call Nalchajian Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with either:

• Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
• Dr. Greg Nalchajian

We offer a free consultation at our facility to determine if a patient requires treatment to correct their misaligned teeth. At Nalchajian Orthodontics, patients can have these orthodontic devices applied to their teeth:

• Ceramic braces
• Invisalign aligners for teenagers or adults
• Retainers

Patients can schedule an appointment with us at our Clovis or Fresno offices by making a telephone call or using our website.

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Be Someone’s Reason To Smile

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