A Smile Is a Universal Welcome!


Back when you were younger, having braces was something that never crossed your parents’ minds. Now that your children have been recommended to a Fresno orthodontist by their general dentist, you have a lot of questions about braces that you would like answered.

How Do I Know if My Children Are Ready for Braces?

This question is a popular one that parents ask. Your children’s general dentist will monitor their teeth and will usually recommend an orthodontist if he or she thinks such a visit is necessary. However, if you have concerns that your children need braces based on your own observations or your dental history, you can schedule an appointment.

How Old Do My Children have to be for Braces?

No particular age exists for braces, but your children do usually need to have all of their adult teeth in. The wisdom teeth are the exceptions to this rule. Smile quotes might inspire you to go earlier. One of which includes: “A smile is a universal welcome”. As you greet everyone with a smile, you can brighten up their day and to those people around you.

Are All Braces the Same?

Here you have a question to which the answer is a definite no. Just as all oral hygiene issues are not the same, neither are the methods for treating them. Some youngsters will have traditional braces, and others might qualify for Invisalign. The only way to know what works for your children is to visit a Clovis Orthodontist and have an examination conducted.

Scheduling an appointment with Nalchajian Orthodontics as soon as possible is important when you suspect that your children may be in need of braces or when the general dentist has suggested that you started considering these braces as a distinct possibility.

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A Smile Is a Universal Welcome!

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