All the Statistics in the World Can’t Measure the Warmth of a Smile



Take care of the teeth you want to keep.” It’s one of life’s pithiest and best-known adages. Good dental hygiene is and always will be the key to a good health. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are all imperative, but it seems many people don’t understand the value of the often-ignored next step: following up with a specialist. That’s where orthodontists come in; if you need an orthodontist in Fresno, CA or an orthodontist in Clovis, come to Nalchajian Orthodontics to get the job done!

Getting the Basics Out of the Way

You might need to be filled in on what an orthodontist actually does. All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists. The difference lies in how they approach dental hygiene. While dentists deal with the cleanliness of your pearly whites, orthodontists oversee alignment problems and issues with the mouth and jaw. A dentist may refer people to orthodontists, who set braces.

Now that you understand this, let us detail why Nalchajian Orthodontics is best for you and your smile.

Professional, Hardworking Staff

Drs. Greg and Nicole Nalchajian provide quality orthodontic care to patients from all over the city. Dr. Greg, a former Aerospace engineer, is an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider; this means that he is part of the top 1% of providers. He has been practicing since 1990, while Dr. Nicole has been in the business since 1999. Both are backed up by a well-trained and experienced clinical team.

New Patients Get the Red Carpet Treatment

The first examination for a new patient is free. During this, the good doctor(s) will create a customized treatment and payment plan (smile quotes, if you will) using the latest digital imaging technology.

So come on over to Nalchajian Orthodontics. It’ll definitely make you smile.


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All the Statistics in the World Can’t Measure the Warmth of a Smile 

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