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therapyIf you have ever seen a person walking toward you with a big grin on his or her face, you may very well have smiled back. Understanding the importance of a smile is important for adults, but it’s a wise idea to provide your children with the knowledge of this gift as well.

Reminder of Joy

Too many times in life, people focus on the negative experiences of their days or the anxieties that are creeping into their minds. Once your kids have Invisalign, they might feel more proud of their teeth, leading them to smile more frequently. When other children or teachers see their smiles in the hallway at school, they may feel a reminder of their own personal happiness and begin to smile as well.

Care and Compassion

People who follow the news, whether at global, national or local levels, likely know the horrors that happen in the world. People tend to forget that good individuals exist too. When your kids get their traditional braces or Invisalign, they can begin to act as greater beacons of happiness. If others see that they are smiling, they will have a strong reminder that this world does contain individuals who care about others.


Visiting the orthodontist for braces can also help kids to develop a greater sense of confidence in themselves. They might currently feel awkward because of the state of their teeth; however, when their smiles are restored, they may have the confidence needed to pursue greater goals. Therefore, their new smiles act as therapy for themselves. On top of that, they may begin to inspire other kids to act in the same way.

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Smile: It’s Free Therapy – Douglas Horton

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