Is It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?

pregnantIs It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy will be full of emotional highs and lows as you face new challenges in your body and daily schedule. There are many new requirements, experiences, and expectations, but what about your personal needs and goals? Should you drop or postpone your previous goals when you become pregnant, or should you continue forward as planned?

There will, of course, be goals that you must place on the back burner of life, such as certain forms of exercise and recreational activities, but keep the goals that are achievable while pregnant. Orthodontic treatment is safe during pregnancy, and this is a goal that you can maintain.

Balancing Previous Goals with New Pregnancy Related Goals

Is now a good time for orthodontic treatment? Establishing a balance of care for yourself and your new baby is a struggle that most women face during pregnancy. It’s important to balance the attention, energy and time that are needed to maintain and meet your personal goals while you take on your new family goals.

What if you have always planned to straighten your teeth? Were you waiting for the right time and now you’re pregnant? If this describes you, now is a good time. Women can start orthodontic treatment when they are pregnant. There are options available that will help you keep your original dreams active while you take on the new dreams and goals associated with being a mom. There are treatment options that you can choose from, such as Invisalign, clear braces and traditional metal braces.

What if you are already undergoing orthodontic treatment and learn that you are pregnant? If this describes you, the orthotic treatment may be adjusted to coordinate with your pregnancy needs. It’s important that you embrace the moment and continue to embrace your prior goals. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile will transform your perspective of yourself, build your confidence and open new doors of opportunity. Pregnancy is a time for advancement and fulfillment. Don’t drop your dreams of a beautiful smile.

Congratulations, You’re Having a Baby!

Congratulations! You are probably reviewing safety issues for pregnancy and making the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle. Good news! Getting or having orthodontic treatment while pregnant is safe and won’t have any negative impact on your healthy baby. Your orthodontic care will require very few changes to your current treatment plan, and if you would like to begin treatment, you can safely do so during your pregnancy.

Already Having Orthodontic Care and Now You’re Pregnant?

Wearing braces or undergoing orthodontic care during pregnancy is totally safe and considered standard care. If you’re already wearing braces or Invisalign, be sure to update the orthodontist office at your next visit. We are happy to celebrate your exciting news with you and to provide any adjustments in your treatment that we may recommend.

Essential Orthodontic Pregnancy Tips:

Keep your beautiful teeth fresh and clean daily! Extra steps in your hygiene care should be added to your daily routine during your pregnancy.

  1. There are hormone fluctuations that can increase gum inflammation, so remember to brush your gums and floss. Hormonal changes during pregnancy shouldn’t cause you to worry. Adding some extra brushing to your schedule will do the trick. Plus, at your monthly orthodontic updates, we will tell you when any areas need a little more attention.
  2. Pregnancy causes a decrease in the production of saliva while you sleep. So, be sure to brush before climbing back into bed if you get up to eat a middle-of-the-night snack.
  3. If you experience morning sickness, be careful to rinse your mouth immediately. You can safely rinse with mouthwash or with 1⁄4 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water; either option will rinse the stomach acids from your teeth.
  4. If your mouth is dry, carry a water bottle with cold, fresh water, which will help you to stay hydrated and will replace the desire to suck on hard candies or to chew gum. Drinking extra water is simply a very healthy orthodontic, dental and pregnancy choice.

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy that Affect Orthodontics

Your teeth may be more sensitive at times during pregnancy due to an increased blood flow that is caused by hormonal changes, which is natural. The hormonal changes may heighten your sensitivity or add orthodontic discomfort during procedures that usually cause discomfort.

Estrogen and progesterone increases can be expected during pregnancy and may modify the way your gums respond to plaque, which can increase your risk for gum disease. Increased plague is a valid concern for all pregnant woman, but remember that consistent oral care is a focus during every pregnancy with or without orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic care may be slightly more uncomfortable for some pregnant women, but most pregnant women don’t experience any additional discomfort. Adding these improved hygiene steps are a positive step that we recommend for every orthodontic patient.

X-rays, Pregnancy, and Orthodontics

If you are starting treatment, we will avoid using x-rays while you are pregnant. Be certain to tell us about your pregnancy, and we will work around any needed x-rays. We will request your prior dental records, and any X-rays in your file may be used in conjunction with our oral examination. We can create a treatment plan without the use of X-rays.

Tooth Extractions

Anesthesia is not recommended during pregnancy. If you are beginning treatment and need individual teeth extracted, we may recommend that you reserve treatment until after the baby is born. We can also initiate the treatment using a projected plan to extract the tooth or teeth after the baby is born. We will customize your orthodontic treatment to meet your needs and to coordinate with the baby’s birth. Our office is patient and caring and will respect your desires.

Cravings and Food Restrictions

Traditional metal braces will limit some foods that you may desire or crave, such as sticky caramel, popcorn, nuts or ice. Most cravings are connected to a nutritional need, and you may crave foods that have vitamins, minerals or nutrients that your body needs. Taking supplements or choosing to eat alternative foods that provide the same nutrients should help resolve unwanted, intense cravings.

For example, if you crave nuts, you may find satisfaction from taking an Omega-3 or Omega-6 supplement. A craving for ice may be connected to dehydration or a need for water. Craving nuts may also be caused by low levels of folate, iron or B-12.

Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment At Nalchajian Orthodontics

If you live in California, then you can schedule an appointment at Nalchajian Orthodontics to learn more about fixing your malocclusions. An orthodontist at one of our facilities can examine your teeth to determine what type of treatment you require to improve your smile. We have two experts available, including:

• Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
• Dr. Greg Nalchajian

You can visit our Clovis or Fresno location to have orthodontic treatment with these devices:

• Ceramic or metal braces
• Invisalign aligners
• Herbst appliances
• Retainers

After your examination that includes medical images, you will enjoy a free consultation to learn more about orthodontic treatment.

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