Repair Dental Abnormalities


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Anyone with misaligned teeth can visit a Clovis orthodontist to learn about different types of braces available for patients of various ages. Traditional braces are often more suitable for patients with serious problems such as wide spaces between teeth. Braces made of thin wire and tiny metal brackets are worn for an average of one or two years to move teeth to better positions with gentle pressure. These devices remain in the mouth round-the-clock to improve a patient’s bite and improve their appearance. In addition to wearing braces, a patient may require a headgear to adjust front teeth or enlarge the oral cavity. Alternatively, clear aligners are removable, making it easier to consume food and beverages.

Repair Dental Abnormalities

Invisalign benefits patients with minor spacing and alignment abnormalities to get an improved smile and bite in as little as six months. A Clovis orthodontist checks a patient’s mouth carefully with a visual examination and medical imaging to make a decision concerning the best braces necessary to improve the bite and smile. Plastic aligners are excellent when it comes to orthodontic treatment for many teenagers and adults with small malocclusions. A patient should wear the clear aligners as much as possible to get the most benefits. Smile quotes are available from dental offices that make a series of clear aligners for patients. Patients wear each aligners for approximately two weeks before disposing the item and switching to a new one.


A Clovis orthodontist is available at the Nalchajian Orthodontics facility that has two qualified professionals, including:

  • Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
  • Dr. Greg Nalchajian

Patients can contact Nalchajian Orthodontics to schedule a complimentary consultation on how to improve the smile and bite with traditional braces or clear aligners. Professional smile quotes can be acquired from an orthodontist as patients begin the process of building self-confidence with straighter and healthier teeth with pearly white enamel. Patients can schedule an appointment today with a telephone call or through a website form for an evaluation concerning braces for children, teenagers, or adults. A patient will learn more about Invisalign benefits compared to traditional wire braces during the visit.

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Repair Dental Abnormalities

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