Orthodontic Fact #9

Orthodontic Fact #9 Irregularities of the Teeth Is One of the First Writings About Dental Deformities, Written by Hippocrates Around 400 BC

The words “orthodontist” and “orthodontic” are of fairly recent vintage, as the words date back to just the 19th century, but the practice itself goes back millennia. Bad teeth have plagued humankind from the beginning. Anthropologists have found skulls of Neanderthals with crooked teeth. Archaeologists have found mummies sporting metal bands around individual teeth. In other words, the ancient Egyptians did use a crude form of braces to straighten crooked teeth. The ancient Greeks and Etruscans also knew about and used orthodontic gear.

The Greek physician Hippocrates (ca. 460 – 377 BC) first described dental abnormalities around 400 B.C. The Roman writer Celsus (25 BC – 50 AD) was the first known person to recommend a treatment for a maloccluded tooth. He wrote, “If a second tooth should happen to grow in children before the first has fallen out, that which ought to be shed is to be drawn out and the new one daily pushed toward its place by means of the finger until it arrives at its just proportion.” A little later, Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 AD) recommended filing overly long teeth to make them align properly with the others.

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