Orthodontic Fact #7


Orthodontic Fact #7 Some dental wires used in dental braces are activated by body heat and were developed by NASA.

The orthodontic fact in the title is pretty interesting and shows just how powerful every part of traditional braces can truly be. If they were designed by NASA, they are clearly able to do a great deal.

If someone is looking for an orthodontist, there are many different options. If you are self conscious about your teeth for whatever reason, including gaps in the teeth or crooked front teeth, there are different ways that those problems can be rectified. You could choose traditional metal braces or Invisalign, although in most cases, one or the other is often preferable for the particular situation. Invisalign is typically more suited for cases where not a lot of realignment needs to be done, and an individual is really more concerned about the cosmetic aspect. If the teeth are very badly misaligned, an orthodontist will typically recommend traditional metal braces, as these are more capable of correcting more severe misalignment with the teeth, which could actually extend to having bad bites and jaw problems. Since some of the wires for traditional metal braces were designed by NASA, as you learn from reading the title, this should be pretty good evidence that these are capable of doing quite a bit in your mouth to align your teeth and push them towards the way that you would like them to look.

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