Orthodontic Fact #6

orthodontic history

Orthodontic Fact #6 The first braces were of a piece of flat metal in 1720. This was connected to the patient’s teeth by using several pieces of thread

Braces have come a long way. They were once held together by string, and now they are shaped into brackets and held together by wires that are made especially for this purpose. There are rubber bands too, and people can actually choose the colors. If you have misaligned teeth, such as gaps between your teeth or crooked teeth, and you would like to fix this issue, you can get braces for yourself. In order to do this, you will need to see an orthodontist.

Not only have traditional metal braces come a long way, but there is another cutting edge option as well now. This is Invisalign, which involves invisible aligners that can be placed on the teeth to straighten them over time. Your orthodontist will tell you about these two options, which are the two main options used by people who want to straighten their teeth out. Invisalign is more appropriate for people who do not have severe misalignment issues and want their teeth straightened more for cosmetic reasons. Traditional metal braces are used for more severe cases of misalignment. You can get a recommendation as to which one is more appropriate for your specific case at your orthodontist’s office.

Expert Care

Nalchajian Orthodontics offers an opportunity to receive expert dental care from a Fresno orthodontist or Clovis orthodontist with an evaluation concerning needing braces to have a more attractive appearance and a stronger bite. Patients can choose between two experts at Nalchajian Orthodontics facilities, including:

Dr. Greg Nalchajian
Dr. Nicole Nalchajian

All ages of patients are welcomed at Nalchajian Orthodontics to learn if plastic aligners or metal braces are necessary to straighten teeth or decrease unsightly gaps. Call to schedule an appointment today, or contact Nalchajian Orthodontics with our online form.

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