Orthodontic Devices: Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

Orthodontic Devices: Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

When an orthodontist is using braces to straighten teeth, it’s a bit like a tug of war. The concept behind braces is to move teeth gradually to a new position by applying force with rubber bands or wires. The wire and rubber bands must be attached to something solid to create the necessary tension, which is where temporary anchorage devices (TADs) come in.

Why TADs?

Some orthodontic procedures, such as correcting an overbite, require considerable force to move teeth. In the past, patients would wear headgear to anchor the back teeth while the front teeth were moved into the correct position. Headgear worked, but it was not very popular, especially with teens. German and Asian dentists began using TADs in the late 1990s and these devices were approved in the US in 2005.

What’s a TAD?

A TAD is a small implant – usually about the size of a small wood screw. In fact, they are also known as mini-screws, mini implants and micro implants. They are typically made of titanium alloys. This metal is bio-active, which means it will bond with bone and not be rejected or corrode. After injecting a local anesthetic, the orthodontist screws the TAD into the bone of the jaw. This provides the necessary anchor point to move or stabilize certain teeth.

What are the Advantages?

TADs are much less visible than head gear – most look like a small stud earring resting on top of the gum. Routine oral hygiene is all the care required, although an antiseptic mouthwash may also be recommended. Removing the TAD is even easier than inserting it and in most cases doesn’t even require local anesthetic. TADs may eliminate the need for more extensive orthodontics, tooth extraction or even surgery.

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At Nalchajian Orthodontics in California, an orthodontist can examine your teeth to determine if you need to wear headgear. You can schedule an appointment with either:

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In addition to fitting headgear on patients, our orthodontic team offers these devices to repair your teeth:

• Traditional braces with metal brackets and wires
• Invisalign aligners made of clear plastic
• Ceramic braces made with color-matching brackets

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