Orthodontic Devices: Lingual Arch

lingual archOrthodontic Devices: Lingual Arch

Sometimes, a patient who wears braces or Invisalign may need a bit of help when it comes to bringing their teeth into alignment. One way to help is for the orthodontist to fit them with a device called a lingual arch.

The orthodontist places a lingual arch to stabilize the patient’s second molars. It is sometimes used with young patients who have lost at least one deciduous molar and allows the space for their adult teeth when they erupt. People with their permanent teeth are also fitted with a lingual arch to keep their molars in place while their front teeth are aligned. Without the lingual arch, it’s possible for the molars to move out of place even while the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten their other teeth. With children, this can interfere with the eruption of their permanent teeth.

Unlike Invisalign, the lingual arch can’t be removed by the patient because it’s cemented to the molars. It’s a bit uncomfortable for the first few days, but the patient can take pain medicines such as ibuprofen for the discomfort. The patient’s tongue may also be tender, and they may also need to eat a soft diet at first. The orthodontist recommends rinsing the mouth with warm, salty water.

As with traditional braces, it’s important to keep the lingual arch clean. This can be done with brushing and a device such as a water-pik to remove food particles from between the gums and the wire. The patient needs to avoid foods that are sticky and hard.

A lingual arch that’s placed in the lower jaw is called the lower lingual arch, while an arch that’s placed on the upper teeth is called the transpalatal arch. It is kept on for about six to eight months while the other teeth either erupt or come into alignment.

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