Orthodontic Devices: Bionator


Orthodontic Devices: Bionator

Orthodontists specialize in the straightening of misaligned teeth and the correction of the bite. Orthodontists know that a confidant smile makes the world a brighter place. Crooked teeth can also lead to health problems that, if caught early, can be prevented.

The Bionator

Patients with an overbite, or over-jet, often wear a Bionator to help correct these problems. The Bionator appliance was designed for:

  • Daytime use
  • Comfortable wear
  • Promotion of normal speech patterns while in place

Starting Young

Children with overbites are good candidates for the Bionator. The end results have proven it to be the right device for many younger patients. A child can start wearing the Bionator when they are able to wear a removable appliance, usually around the age of 7. Most children like the way it looks and feel little to no pain during the process. If the alignment is done early, extensive orthodontic treatments may not be necessary at an older age. Good self-confidence is formed early on and helping them feel confident about their smile is a big step in the right direction.


Nalchajian Orthodontics in Fresno, California understands how important a high self-esteem is. Their excellent staff and orthodontists go out of their way to make sure that each patient is given the tools they need to succeed under their care. They offer a complimentary exam for new patients, which is a great time to meet the staff and have any questions answered. Come prepared for:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Digital photos
  • Treatment plan
  • Time line for completion
  • Financial investment
  • Payment plans

Call Us Today To Learn More

At Nalchajian Orthodontics in California, an orthodontist can examine your teeth to determine if you need to wear headgear. You can schedule an appointment with either:

• Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
• Dr. Greg Nalchajian

In addition to fitting headgear on patients, our orthodontic team offers these devices to repair your teeth:

• Traditional braces with metal brackets and wires
• Invisalign aligners made of clear plastic
• Ceramic braces made with color-matching brackets

Contact us today to learn more about Invisalign aligners or headgear at one of these locations:

• Clovis – 559-299-9561
• Fresno – 559-432-7100

We also offer a complimentary consultation after your examination.

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