Why Should you Keep your Braces On?

Because Health is Worth it and it can Come with Style!

OrthodonticsThe saying goes “pain is beauty,” because that is what it can be sometimes. As a teenager, my teeth, particularly my mandibular incisors, were misaligned. That is what happens when you ignore your parents’ advice: “Don’t touch your teeth when they are growing in.” As kids we are curious learning machines. And I remember thinking that this trait does not go unpunished later in life. I remember when my parents broke the news that I was getting kids braces. It became a bother to not be able to enjoy certain foods, having to brush and floss more carefully, and constantly checking whether I had food in my teeth.

Luckily, there are many options when it comes to braces for kids nowadays. When I was 13, the only type were the metal ones. This is probably the type we think of when the word “braces” is mentioned. The only highlight of my orthodontist appointment was getting to choose the colors for my bands. For teenagers, decisions like that are very important as they start to form their own opinions. Plus, adults can have fun with this too.
However, for some people metal on their teeth does not sound appealing no matter the reward. For those people, lingual braces, the ones that go on the back of the teeth, can be an option. Clear braces can also be one. These choices can be considered for kids braces too. Your orthodontist will help you choose the right option for you depending on the treatment you need.

No matter what option you choose, it is important to finish the treatment protocol as recommended by your orthodontist. When braces are put on, whether metal, lingual or clear braces, teeth start to move. That is one of the main points of the treatment, to get the teeth in their correct position.

Braces for kids can be overwhelming. As a parent, you may be faced with your child pleading to allow them to take them off. As an adult, this can also seem like the easier, more comfortable choice. But teeth will be moving for quite some time. Your orthodontist will tell you how long the treatment will last, depending on the specific issue to be fixed. Stopping the treatment before that time can do more harm than good as the teeth will not have finished moving to where they need to be. Not to mention that if you take them off before the end of treatment, it may be tougher to correct the issue later on. The original problem can seem worse or more daunting. Plus, taking them off before the recommended time may create more problems.

If orthodontic treatment is right for you or braces for kids are an option for your teenagers, make sure to stick to the recommended treatment. When the new smile appears and the benefits of taking better care of your teeth are reaped, you will pat yourself and your orthodontist on the back for a job well done. Contact Nalchajian Orthodontics today to unlock the doors to a specialized oral treatment or if you have any queries about any orthodontic treatment procedure.

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Why Should You Keep your Braces On?

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  1. It’s important to note that clear braces can also be referred to as ceramic braces, not just the invisalign variety. Both have their benefits and are great staples in orthodonture.

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