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If you’re interested in straighter teeth but the thought of braces turns you off, have we got a solution for you!

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are leading the way with one of the most exciting innovations and game-changing technologies in orthodontics.

Developed over 15 years ago by Align Technologies, Invisalign has helped over two million people achieve straight teeth without the use of braces.

Invisalign – Clearly Different

Invisalign Clovis CAInvisalign straightens teeth with a series of custom-made, clear aligners. Each aligner is worn for 1 or 2 weeks and then changed for the next one in the series. The number of aligners will vary from patient to patient, and treatment time will be determined by the complexity of the correction. Most Invisalign cases finish in 18 months or less. The teeth move gradually, little by little to their new positions. Like SureSmile, Invisalign uses advanced 3-D imaging technology that allows the orthodontist to plan the movement of teeth to their desired position.

The obvious and most common reason patients choose Invisalign over traditional orthodontic treatment is the ability to have straight teeth without wearing braces. Because the aligners are removable for eating and brushing, there is an added benefit of being able to keep teeth clean during orthodontic treatment and the improved appearance that many patients, especially adults, seek. Patients who have worn both braces and Invisalign aligners say the Invisalign system is also more comfortable than braces.

Nalchajian Orthodontics has been awarded a ‘Top 1%” Elite Preferred Provider‘ designation by Align Technologies. This places our practice among the top few in the U.S. and Canada, providing Invisalign treatment to more patients than 99% of all orthodontic practices. You can rest assured we have more training and more experience with Invisalign than any other office in the San Joaquin Valley. If you have been told by your dentist or an orthodontist that you are not an Invisalign candidate, I would encourage you to contact us to make an appointment today. Our experience and understanding allows us to treat more complex orthodontic problems with Invisalign.

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iTero® Orthodontic Scan Demo 2013

Our practices now has the new state-of-the-art iTero technology in the form of intraoral scans, so no more goop, mess or gagging! iTero scanners can also provide 3-D digital images of a patient’s teeth as well as their bite. The scanner and the software make it easy for us to create advanced 3-D models, make adjustments on the fly within the computer program as well as transmit files to manufacturers for processing and appliance creation. Other peripheral products such as a E4D mill can help us to use the design center and scanner to do on-the-fly chair side modifications and restorations to any orthodontic device or appliance. This means a quicker and more accurate level of service that all starts with the iTero scanner.

iTero-MonitorThese types of scanners are especially important because they result in a number of advantages for both patients and in orthodontic practice. In the past orthodontists were required to take uncomfortable impressions using a plaster solution which was very messy and nowhere near as accurate as a 3-D model. An Intraoral scan results in 10% fewer rejections than traditional PVS impression procedures. Based off of 170,000 or more Invisalign cases, intraoral scans only resulted in .4% rejection rate after appliances had been crafted. PVS impressions have a 4% rejection rate and can produce ongoing fit issues with products like Invisalign.

iTero scanner can also produce better results and a better outcome because of the advanced simulation software. Invisalign’s outcome simulator program is powered specifically by the iTero scanner and this can allow patients to see exactly how their teeth will look after treatment has concluded, and also help to guide orthodontic progress.

One of the best advantages of the iTero scanner is that it can result in shorter patient appointments and a better patient experience. PVS impressions are time-consuming, messy, and can be uncomfortable for the patient while they are being taken. Scanning is twice as fast as this impression system and is completely mess free and comfortable as well. This can lead to a better overall patient experience as well as faster appointments for any orthodontic practice.


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