Innovations in Orthodontics

Suresmile robotSureSmile 3D Imaging Technology

Up to 40% Less time in Braces!

Computer x-ray imaging and diagnostic software programs have helped foster innovations in orthodontics. Launched in 2002, the success of SureSmile treatment is based on 3-D imaging technology.

The same technology that allows us to watch Avatar in 3D on the big screen, allows Dr. Nalchajian to simulate orthodontic movement on a computer screen.

Instead of manually bending archwires visit after visit for 18-24 months, Suresmile allows Dr. Greg and Dr. Nicole to design the most direct route for each tooth early in the treatment process.

It’s important to note that the teeth aren’t moving any faster than with conventional braces, they are simply taking a more direct route to their correct positions. SureSmile has been shown in studies to reduce time in braces by up to 40%.  This means fewer visits, less time away from work and school, and less interruption of your lifestyle!

SureSmile This is a 3-D visual of the exact positions of a patient’s teeth. Using 3D imaging technology and this SureSmile Software, Dr. Greg and Dr. Nicole are able to create a more precise plan of treatment.

The field of Orthodontics is rapidly changing, with new technologies being introduced almost daily. You can count on Dr. Nalchajian to stay ahead of these changes and recommend the safest, fastest, and best technologies to assist you on the way to the smile of your dreams.

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Innovations in Orthodontics

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