If You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are The Other Options?

invisalignIf You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are The Other Options?

Metal braces are one of the classic ways to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, but while you’re waiting for your teeth to move to their proper position, you may struggle to feel confident about your teeth. Metal braces take time to work, meaning you could be wearing your metal braces for a couple years before they are ready to be removed.

Not everyone wants to deal with metal braces, especially older individuals who may be getting braces older in life. Metal braces are incredibly noticeable, so it is natural to want a more discrete alternative. But what alternatives to metal braces do you have?


Invisalign is probably the most popular alternative to metal braces, especially for adults. Because Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to straighten your teeth instead of semi-permanent braces, it does take a level of responsibility to ensure you’re wearing your Invisalign trays each and every day.

Invisalign works by providing you with custom made trays that go over your teeth and gradually move them into proper alignment. Every couple weeks, you will be given a new set of trays to exchange for your old ones. As you go through your new trays, your smile will become straighter and straighter.

Because Invisalign is removable, you can take them off for easy brushing and cleaning. They can also be removed for eating. This can help you avoid the growth of bacteria or difficult cleaning as you may find with typical metal braces.

However, the convenience of Invisalign does come at a price. Because you need to create custom made trays for each stage of movement, Invisalign is often more expensive than metal braces or their alternatives.

Incognito Braces

Incognito braces, also known as braces behind the teeth, are another option for individuals who would like a straighter smile but may not want the look of traditional metal braces. Incognito braces work by putting the braces on the back of the teeth instead of on the front. This can prevent others from seeing that you have braces without the need to remember to wear a tray each day, as you would with Invisalign.

Incognito braces are also a beneficial idea for wind instrument players who may find that traditional metal braces make it difficult to play your instrument. Athletes who play high contact sports may also find that incognito braces cause for less concern or pain or injury. As the braces are on the back of the teeth instead of the front, you do not need to worry about damage in the same way you would with traditional metal braces.

Braces behind the teeth are harder to access than traditional braces and because they are semi-permanent, they cannot be removed for easy cleaning. Instead, you will need to learn how to properly clean your incognito braces to reduce risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Ceramic braces

Part of the reason metal braces are so noticeable is that the metal stands out so prominently on your white teeth. This juxtaposition of metal against teeth can make your braces stand out. But with ceramic braces, which work the same as metal braces, they are harder to notice and more difficult to detect.

As the cheapest alternative to metal braces, ceramic braces remove the metal from traditional braces and replace it with ceramic brackets. While ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional metal braces, they are usually less expensive than Invisalign or incognito braces. Ceramic braces can also work more quickly than Invisalign, so you can have the straight smile you’re after sooner.

Ceramic braces also have the same difficulties to clean as traditional metal braces. While they may be less noticeable, they are still attached to the front of your teeth and connected with wires. This can trap unwanted food or bacteria between your braces or teeth that will need to be properly removed.

Alternatives to metal braces may be needed for a number of reasons. Whether you’re a professional who does not want metal braces during business meetings, an athlete who believes metal braces are more of a danger to your health and well-being, or an adult who just wants a straight smile without metal braces, these three alternatives can still help you get the smile you’re hoping for.

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If You Don’t Want Traditional Metal Braces, What Are The Other Options?

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