How to Overcome Your [Fear of Braces]

How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces

Whether you’re an adult or an adolescent, you might fear to live with braces. You’re not alone. There’s a lot of misconception and incorrect information floating around regarding how wearing braces is a bad thing, but it’s not. It’s a wonderful way to perfect your smile and provide you with a lifetime of confidence and beautiful smiles. It’s not necessarily something you want, but it might be something you need. If your smile needs a little help to take it from pretty to spectacular, it’s time to learn how to overcome your fears.

Fear of Pain

There’s a lot of adults who remember the pain of wearing these as children. They remember dreading visits to the orthodontist when it was time to tighten them, but times have changed tremendously. It’s not always beneficial when people reminisce about their own long-ago experience with the pain of having a mouth full of metal because people aren’t aware that things have changed a little over the years.

If your fear is pain-related, fear not. Your ortho will tell you there is occasional discomfort associated with this as well as medical and pain reliever to help with that, but you should never experience pain. If you do, you must call the office immediately to schedule an appointment as pain is a common indicator of bigger issues.

Fear of Embarassment

Are you embarrassed to wear braces? What about your embarrassment over having crooked teeth? Which is worse? Crooked teeth last a lifetime, but your orthodontist will remove all evidence you ever had anything in your mouth other than teeth when you finally have a gorgeous smile. If you’re worried about other kids making fun of your kids, why not consider an alternative option?

Invisalign is an option for many people, even you if you’re the one who needs work. This system is made up of an array of aligners. They fit your teeth perfectly while pushing and pulling them to mold them into shape. You’ll have a series of aligners throughout the Invisalign process. Each one is designed to further improve your smile.

It might seem embarrassing, but most people aren’t looking at you. So many kids have glasses, braces, and other issues they’re worried about, and they’re not paying any attention to your kids. If your fear comes from being an adult with what you consider an adolescent problem, know you are not alone in wanting to improve your smile in adulthood.

Fear of Dental Work

Your orthodontist is highly trained and educated, and there is nothing to fear. Some people are terrified they can’t control what is going on. They fear the chair, the office, and they fear that they will gag while they’re being worked on. This is not going to happen. Your team of medical professionals is more than good at what they do, and they have all the right equipment to ensure you have the best possible experience during any oral procedure.

The other common fear associated with oral care is a bad experience in the past. If someone had a bad experience with their dentist during a typical cleaning when they were a teen, they are going to fear the ortho for no other reason than this is a person who does more advanced work on their mouth. It’s nothing to worry about when you choose the right office and the right team.

Help Overcoming Fear

It’s not wrong to be fearful of anything that makes your life a little different, but it’s a good idea to step outside your comfort zone. This is a wonderful learning moment for you and your kids. You won’t get anywhere in life if you stay within the confines of your comfort zone. The best things in life are usually found when you decide your fear is not bigger than your dreams and you reach outside your comfort zone.

It’s okay to feel afraid, and it’s okay to want to do it anyway. A few moments of fear are a lot better than a lifetime of embarrassment. You can live with fear forever, or you can live with it for a while until you have the most beautiful smile and a level of confidence you never knew existed. As for your kids, it’s imperative you speak to them about their feelings.

Your kids need to be heard when they experience fear. Ask them what they are afraid of specifically, and then let them talk it out. Sometimes their fears are irrational, and sometimes they’re valid. If it’s peer opinion they are worried about, the best thing you can do is remind them they are spectacular people and no one worth having in their life will ever judge them or make fun of them for making their situation better. It’s not always easy to get through this, but it’s possible to turn this into a life lesson.

If you want to straighten your smile or you want your kids to have straighter teeth, it’s time to contact Our team of highly-trained, educated professionals is here to answer your questions, discuss your health, and help you overcome your fear of wearing anything in your mouth. We are good at what we do, and we can help you gain confidence and lose fear. Let us help by calling now to schedule your first appointment.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces

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