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Many people are self-conscious about teeth that are not perfectly aligned. A person’s smile is a big part of the impression made by his or her face, so if there are gaps in the teeth or crooked teeth, it can make the person feel like he or she does not look good enough. However, there is help available, and this issue can easily be fixed. A lot of people who are self-conscious about their teeth do not want to get traditional metal braces. The reason for this is that these are often unflattering in appearance, even if they are only temporary.

This is why Invisalign has become so popular in recent years. As the name implies, these aligners of teeth are almost invisible. With Invisalign, a person can have his or her teeth straightened out without having to deal with the awkward-looking metal braces for what could potentially be a number of years.

Invisalign is the modern way to straighten your teeth. Your orthodontist will create a custom made aligner for your teeth, which you will wear to gently and gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions. You will need to change your aligners every two weeks as your teeth are changing positions. Your smile will become increasingly attractive without having to wear metal braces in the meantime. In fact, the majority of people you meet will not even notice the aligners at all. It can remain a secret that you are in the process of straightening out your teeth.

Invisalign is thought to be more expensive than traditional metal braces. As such, if you are wondering the same about Invisalign, here is some info that can help you out.


What is the difference between metal braces and Invisalign?

There are many reasons to choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces are composed of wires and brackets, which can irritate and poke at areas of the mouth. They require more effort while the individual is brushing and flossing as well, and there are many food restrictions, because certain foods could potentially loosen or remove one or more brackets. In contrast, the clear aligners of Invisalign are almost invisible, so that they will not give you just one more thing about which to feel self conscious. They are smooth and comfortable and will not poke the mouth. In addition, they are easily removable as well, so that brushing and flossing will not be any more of a hassle than it ever was. Additionally, there are no food restrictions that come with Invisalign, and you can even take them out while you are eating.


When you have Invisalign, you need to be wearing your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day. You can take them out while eating, chewing gum, and drinking, as well as while you are practicing oral hygiene. Though you can eat whatever you want, you should remove them while you are eating, and brushing your teeth. Don’t forget to clean the aligners after eating before putting them back in. There is minimal discomfort with these aligners, although you will have to deal with a little bit of pressure and minor pain for the first one or two days after every initial insertion. This is just an indication that the aligners are working, and your teeth are moving to where you want them to be.

What are the facts about orthodontic treatment?

Typically, as long as you have Invisalign, you will be visiting your orthodontist every 6 to 12 weeks. You will need to have new molds put in regularly as your teeth shift to the correct alignment. Your orthodontist can stay up to date with your treatment to make sure that it is progressing just as it should be. After the treatment is over, you will be instructed to wear a retainer every night indefinitely. This will ensure that the new position of your teeth is maintained, and that you maintain a healthy bite as well.




Invisalign treatment typically takes a shorter time than does treatment with traditional metal braces. Most patients need Invisalign for no longer than 18 months, although the time needed for treatment varies depending on just how misaligned the teeth are at the beginning.

What is Invisalign Express?

In the past couple of years, another option has become available. It is called Invisalign Express, and it is an affordable five stage treatment. Invisalign Express is a treatment that will typically work for people with minor issues who do not have a ton of money to spend on regular Invisalign. If you only need to straighten out your upper teeth, Invisalign Express will cost the same, as it is a flat fee. It is also not recommended that you only get Invisalign for your upper teeth, as altering the alignment of your upper teeth will likely affect your lower teeth as well. It is best to just have the aligners on both the upper and lower teeth if you are going to get them. Many insurance providers will contribute as well, so Invisalign Express is a viable option for many people.

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How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?

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