When Do I Get My Braces Off?

Braces-removed2One question that orthodontists get asked quite often is ‘When do I get my braces off?’ While the treatment varies from patient to patient, there are a few fundamental steps and objectives of treatment that are similar for most patients.

Primarily, there are three distinct stages of treatment that Nalchajian Orthodontics address and every patient must endure before getting their braces removed. While the exact order may be different or perhaps a bit of overlapping in between, the three stages include correcting the bite, aligning the teeth, and resolving the spacing/crowding issues.

Three Stages of Treatment

1. In one stage, crowding is improved by either removing teeth or expanding the arches. If there’s not enough room the teeth can’t be properly aligned. The decision whether to extract or expand is determined by numerous variables such as the amount of gum and bone that support the roots, the size of the jaws and teeth, and the patient’s profile. Step number one is to produce enough room so the teeth can be aligned. If the patient has too much space at the onset of treatment, that particular space is closed during the initial step in the process. Contact a reputable orthodontist in Fresno to address any concerns regarding the alignment of your teeth.

2. The second step involves straightening or aligning the teeth. Aligning the patient’s arches is achieved by using springs, elastic chains, wires, and other gadgets that torque, tip, and rotate the teeth into better position. Another typical step is to reposition the individual brackets. Sometimes brackets can’t be properly placed on day one due to the shape, alignment, or bite of the teeth. However, once the teeth are partially aligned, the brackets are able to shift to more desirable positions.

3. The third and last stage of treatment consists of correcting the patient’s bite and facilitating the lower teeth to fit the upper ones. This has to be achieved on all three space planes: top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. Making the lower bite match the upper is done via springs, rubber bands, wires, or sometimes surgery. If the bite is correct, the back of the upper teeth will lightly rest on the front of the lower ones.

Most patients are in the third stage when they start to wonder when their braces are coming off. At that point, the crooked, crowded teeth are fixed and the patient is mostly happy with the appearance of their newly aligned teeth. In fact, the first part of treatment is somewhat more exciting than the last part. It’s during the last stage, however, where the bite is actually corrected in order to achieve healthy results. Check with your professional orthodontist in Clovis to answer all your questions.

Consider this checklist to see how close you are to getting your braces off:

• Are the gaps between your teeth completely closed?

• Are your teeth totally straight?

• Is your underbite or overbite corrected?

• Are the outer cusps of your upper teeth comfortably resting on the outside of the matching ones of the lower teeth?

• Do your front upper teeth overlap your front lower teeth properly?

If your teeth are still obviously crooked or misaligned, you’ll have to wear your braces a bit longer. Not sure if you even need braces? Contact the team at Nalchajian Orthodontics today to get your smile back on track.

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When Do I Get My Braces Off?

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