Should I Get Braces Before My Wedding?


Should I Get Braces Before My Wedding?

There’s nothing more beautiful than a wedding. The coming together of two hearts, joined as one, is a monumental occasion. There will be plenty of pictures taken on this glorious day. So, of course, you want to look your best. When looking back on your pictures over the next few years, you want to see your pearly whites gleaming in each shot. There is a way to get your teeth looking their best, even if you have just a short amount of time before your wedding. Your friendly orthodontist can help you achieve your picture-perfect smile.

Consider Your Time Line When Selecting Treatment

One question that many brides and grooms face is whether they should get braces put on before their wedding. The answer to this question is not so simple, and the answer is different for each person. The first thing that we must consider is the time line. If you have major issues with your teeth, you may not have enough time to have a treatment done before the upcoming nuptials. However, if your alignment issues are not so severe, having supports to move the teeth into their original place may be helpful. There are many things to consider when attempting to get the perfect smile on your big day. Thankfully, you do have options.

Invisalign Is A Great Transparent Option

Depending on how much movement is needed in the teeth, Invisalign is a great option. We have a lot of customers currently using this program. In fact, we use 3-D computer imaging, we can use devise a treatment plan to get the desired result. Using custom-made aligners, the teeth slowly move into place. The trays are worn for about two weeks at a time, and then the next series of trays are used to get the desired effect. The movement is gradual, but best of all, no one must know that you are wearing them. They are virtually invisible. That means you can eat what you want, and you will not experience a significant upset in your eating habits.

The trays are made from medical grade plastic that is very un-noticeable to the onlooker. Wedding pictures would be no problem with these clear trays in place. It’s the difference between glasses and contacts. In fact, many people call them the “contact lenses for teeth.” It is possible that your treatment can be completed before your wedding. If you come to us in enough time, you will see that we can do wonders for your teeth.

Though the aligners are not composed of brackets and arch-wires, they move the teeth by applying the appropriate amount of force. Using these trays, you can control the force by the design of the tray. The initial appointment is so important as we devise a plan that will get your teeth where they need to be. Our steps are calculated. During each stage, only some of the teeth are moving. The orthodontist’s treatment plan is very specific so that you get the best results. The end results are an efficiently delivered system that is timed perfectly.

Four Reasons Why Invisalign Will Work For You

There are four basic advantages to using the tray method over traditional braces. First, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Second, you get to eat and drink what you want. Sure, the teeth will be tender, but you can maintain good hygiene because the trays are removable. These trays are very comfortable. There are no metal brackets in your mouth to cause any irritation. Nobody wants an irritated mouth on their wedding day. Additionally, because there are no metal wires in your mouth, you won’t have to spend so much time getting adjustments from the doctor.

This is one of the best ways to straighten your crocked teeth without using metal. For those who are going to be in pictures, it is a way to get the treatment you need without seeing a “metal-mouth” in all pictures. A certified orthodontic specialist can help you get your straight teeth and a better smile. Did you know that we sell 1 percent of all these alignment trays in the world? No wonder so many people come to us for help.

Other Clear Devices That Can Help You Perfect Your Teeth

If your teeth require some major shifts to get that perfect smile, a clear style of brace might work better. These plastic devices are attached to the teeth like the original metal variety, and they are also quite undetectable. Now, keep in mind that they won’t have the power and durability of the metal variety, but they do work in many situations. For some people, there is a six-month smile program that can get your teeth looking amazing. These programs are for people who need more movement than the alignment trays can offer, however, they don’t require the assistance of the metal counterparts. The bands can be color coded if necessary. If a bride or groom needs them for longer than six months, then they can use color coordinating rubber bands with their wedding. It’s a bold move that works for some. Since these are considered to be short-term orthodontic treatments, it may work for you.

What To Expect From Your First Visit

First, you should know that we offer complimentary evaluations for our new customers. If you are considering a bold move like braces, you want an expert opinion without any pressure. During this session, we will evaluate your misalignment issues and devise a plan. We have two locations to service you. You can schedule an appointment in Fresno or our Clovis office. You will meet with a treatment coordinator that can help you go over treatment and payment options.

The first meeting is very important because we do an in-depth look into the mouth. We want to see exactly what we are dealing with and what the best course of action is for you. We also consider your budget when deciding treatment plans. There is financing available if you cannot afford to pay for the entire treatment as you go. We have payment plans that fit within your budget to make your desire for perfect wedding pictures a reality.

Expert Care

Nalchajian Orthodontics offers an opportunity to receive expert dental care from a Fresno or Clovis orthodontist. With an evaluation concerning needing braces to have a more attractive appearance and a stronger bite. Patients can choose between two experts at Nalchajian Orthodontics facilities, including:

Dr. Greg Nalchajian
Dr. Nicole Nalchajian

finally, all ages of patients are welcomed at Nalchajian Orthodontics to learn if plastic aligners or metal braces are necessary to straighten teeth or decrease unsightly gaps. Call to schedule an appointment today, or contact Nalchajian Orthodontics with an online form.

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