A Friendly Smile Can Start A Conversation

Nalchajian-SQ5Look around, and you’ll certainly see a number of worried people. There may not be much that a person can do to change the whole world, but one friendly smile can be a very good start.

Smile and the world smiles with you

20th-century American musician Louis Armstrong had three top-ten hits with a wonderful song called “When You’re Smiling.” You may have heard his rendition when it was used to promote iPhones a few years ago. The reason the song has lasted until this era is because of its great lyrics. The gist of the song is that when you smile, anyone who sees that smile is sure to respond in kind. The lyrics also remind us that when we frown, we are doing it alone.

The way we see it at Nalchajian Orthodontics, Louis’ song offers very good advice. Smile at someone, and there’s an excellent chance that they will smile back. They may go on to smile at the next person they meet, starting a chain reaction of smiles that brighten everyone’s day.

Are you ashamed to smile?

Do you hesitate to show a big happy grin because you are embarrassed of your crooked teeth? If you’re not enchanted with the state of your smile, do something about it. Get your teeth straightened, consult an orthodontic specialists and know your options.

Modern dentistry is quicker and more comfortable than ever before and so are teeth-straightening devices like Invisalign. Area residents who wish to improve their appearance with barely-noticeable braces that can be removed for cleaning should get themselves acquainted with Invisalign in Clovis or in Fresco.

Not every dentist offers Invisalign

Understand that not every dental office can offer you teeth straightening services. Nalchajian Orthodontics’ specialists in Clovis and in Fresno are trained beyond dental school basics. If you want a smile that you can be proud of, ask us about Invisalign. For our Fresno office, please call 559.432.7100. For Clovis, please dial 559.299.9561

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A Friendly Smile Can Start A Conversation

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