Are there foods I can’t eat with braces?


Are there foods I can’t eat with braces?

While braces shouldn’t be too constricting on your diet, there are some foods that are best to avoid to ensure oral health. It is important, especially during the first few weeks of having braces, to stick to soft foods. Tough meats, raw vegetables, and crunchy foods should be avoided at the beginning, but after the braces have been on for a while, you can reintroduce some of these foods. You want to protect your orthodontic appliances during meal time for as long as your braces are on.

Certain foods should be avoided at all times while wearing braces. These foods can bend or damage the wires, or even pop the brackets off. Once the braces are damaged, it may slow down the process of their work. If you have braces, you should save these foods for when your braces are removed. These include:


Popcorn is one of the worst things you can eat when you have braces. The kernels are the culprit in this popular food. Without braces, popcorn kernels may cause some discomfort which may be relatively easily relieved by some floss or tooth brushing. However, when one has braces, these kernels are able to get stuck in the teeth and in the braces for a long time, which may lead to very painful swelling in the gums, which could require the braces to be removed in the area and the wires to be cleaned.

Pizza Crust

Pizza crust on a thick pizza is typically chewy, which means it takes a significant amount of chewing to consume the pizza. Too much chewing on a soft food can be very damaging for braces. It is also important to avoid thin crust pizzas as well. This crust is typically excessively crunchy, which may lead to problems.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds can easily get stuck under the wires and be very difficult to get out.


It is important to not chew ice in any way when you have braces. Eating ice can crack the cement that creates the bond between the braces and the teeth. It is best to not even suck on it, as you may accidentally bite down. It may only take one bite of ice to break braces.

Beef jerky

Because beef jerky requires so much effort to chew, it is best to avoid this while braces are in place.

Foods to Eat with Care

Some foods may be harmful for braces if they are eaten improperly, but they are okay with a little care. These foods should be cut into small pieces or removed from the bone before consumed.

Raw Carrots and Apples

While these are both very healthy treats, eating raw carrots or apples requires you to bite with your front teeth. This can often lead to the breakage of the front brackets. If you want to enjoy these foods, spend a little extra time cutting them up to make them less dangerous for braces.

Meat on the Bone

It is best to remove meat from the bone before eating it while wearing braces. Connecting the bone to the front of the braces may break the bond or the wires.

Hard Cookies

Just like pizza crust, hard cookies may take extra chewing and be tough on the teeth. These can easily be softened a bit with milk, so they can still be enjoyed.

Hard Vegetables

Hard vegetables are fine to eat if you take the time to steam them long enough so they are no longer crunchy. These vegetables will still retain their flavor and nutrition enough that they are worth the effort.

Foods That Require Extra Care

Some foods that can be eaten need to be cleaned off the teeth immediately. Sometimes it may not seem worth it to indulge in these foods, due to the extra effort of having to clean the teeth immediately afterwards, but they does not mean they are not allowed.

Your teeth are more susceptible to decay when you have braces, so it is always important to thoroughly clean your teeth immediate after eating certain foods. It is best to limit these foods as much as possible, because your teeth may still suffer from damage, even if they are cleaned right away.

Stringy Meats

Parts of meat, like pulled pork, may get stuck inside the wires and close to the braces. In order to avoid tooth decay, teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned after eating these meats to ensure the mouth is clear.

Sugary Candy

Sugary candy like jolly ranchers, mints, and chocolate can stick to braces and cause decay. Thoroughly clean teeth after eating any food that is high in sugar.

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Are there foods I can’t eat with braces?

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