Every Time You Smile at Someone, It’s an Action of Love, a Gift to that Person, a Beautiful Thing!


Smiling is a key component to living a joyous life. Do you think you are insignificant? Do you feel like nobody likes you? Understand that you have a gift nobody else can do; smile the way you smile. Your smile is unique, different, and it sets you apart from others.

Smiling Is an Action of Love

You should know that every time you smile to another person you are giving love. Love is not just a feeling; it’s a real force that moves like the waves of the ocean. If you can’t give to somebody else any money or anything, give a smile. It can change their day, enhance their mood, and show them that there are still people who still want to see others happy.

The Art Of Smiling

The best tip to remember is to smile mainly at people who stare you in the eyes for more than 2 seconds or so. These are the people who are the most vulnerable, because when you smile at them, it catches them off-guard.

Smile with your eyes and not just your lips. That small smirk you give to others is the type of fake smile nobody likes to see. Smile with your teeth and with your eyes slightly crinkled.

What are the best smile quotes? Charles Gordy once said, and he explained that smiling is the best free way to change how you look. It is very true that it can change your smile, your look, and the way others perceive you. It is the freeway to enhance your image, and also help others.

Your smile is the one gift you could give to every person you meet. Nalchajian Orthodontics is an orthodontist in Clovis who can help enhance your smile and look your ultimate best when you show off that smile. This orthodontist in Fresno can give you quality braces at competitive prices.

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Every Time You Smile at Someone, It’s an Action of Love, a Gift to that Person, a Beautiful Thing!

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