Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

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When an event happens in your family such as a child graduating from college or getting married, make sure to smile because it happened rather than because it is over. Parenthood lasts forever despite children growing up and leaving the nest. One of the most important things that you did as a parent was to make sure your children had the best dental care available. At least twice a day, you told your children to brush their teeth and provided easy to use dental floss for removing plaque from between teeth. You also took your children to an orthodontist for an examination concerning proper dental alignment.

Braces Improve Well-Being

Not only did you want your child to have a gorgeous smile, but you knew that straight teeth would lead to a sturdy dental bite. With a correct dental bite, your child was able to consume a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain weight and avoid illness. Because your child was physically strong and mentally alert, they were able to make excellent grades in school and excel in athletics. With great grades, your child attended college and graduated. Eventually, your child met someone they wanted to marry, leading to a wedding.

Visit Our Orthodontic Facility

While many parents in California do not understand the importance of children visiting an orthodontist, you do. The only way to know if your child needs traditional wire braces or modern plastic aligners is by scheduling an evaluation with Nalchajian Orthodontics with offices in:

• Fresno – telephone number – 559-432-7100
• Clovis – telephone number – 559-299-9561

New patients at Nalchajian Orthodontics receive a complimentary examination from either:

• Dr. Greg Nalchajian
• Dr. Nicole Nalchajian

To learn more about dental care and various types of braces such as ceramic, Invisalign or metal devices, schedule an appointment today.

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