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There is no doubt about the fact that Invisalign has single handedly solved most of the problems associated with braces and orthodontic procedures. Not only has it made people embrace dental health, it has also eradicated problems associated with metal braces. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no Invisalign problems at all. Like every other treatment, using Invisalign patients might find some issues with these invisible aligners when they get one from their orthodontist. Orthodontists would like all their patients to know about these problems before the patients decide to invest in Invisalign.

It should, however, be mentioned that unlike metal braces and aligners where patients just have to live with the issues, Invisalign comes with various remedies, tricks and tips to make the treatment progress smoothly and without hassles. Orthodontics Clovis specialists have come up with instructions on how to avoid these problems with Invisalign, and they are as follows:


What is considered a Tooth Issue?

As per statistics of Invisalign treatment by various orthodontists, discomfort in the tooth and related issues are experienced by about 50% of the patients. The attachments of Invisalign can sometimes cause pressure, pain and tenderness around the tooth and gums. Usually, a couple of the teeth would experience the pressure and discomfort but with some people, all the teeth might feel a bit tender. This might not happen all the time. When the attachments are being taken out by the patient or when they are being worn again is the time when most people report the pain.

What are some Tips and Solutions for tooth issues?

The reason behind the pain and pressure is that Invisalign works by moving a few teeth one at a time. Thus, pressure is exerted over some teeth and the rest are left as they are. It is the basic working of this treatment and there is no way to avoid it. However, a lot of patients report that once they get used to wearing their aligners, the discomfort disappears. So, the trick is to wear the aligners as much as possible in the beginning to get used to them. Choosing quality Clovis Orthodontists would be a great solution as well.

What Do I Need To Know About Taking Invisalign Out While Eating?

While consuming food, it is important to take the aligners out. This is because chewing food involves force and the Invisalign aligners are made using flexible material. The force can have a damaging effect on the aligners by bending them out of shape or causing them to chip and crack. This is why eating after taking the aligners out is recommended. Initially, this might seem like a chore but with time, patients get used to it and establish a time to eat. Even if Invisalign is worn while eating, the cleaning process would not change one bit.

What are some tips for eating with Invisalign?

Orthodontists recommend starting off with soft foods that wouldn’t put too much pressure on sensitive teeth and gums. To get into the habit of wearing Invisalign all the time, they should be worn to bed on the first day the patient gets them. 8 hours of sleeping with the aligners would ensure that acquaintance with the aligners begins as early as possible. If the pain worsens, orthodontists often recommend anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers to deal with the discomfort. It’s worth mentioning that taking the aligners out while eating is always a better option – time, pain and effort wise.

What do I need to know about Drinking Liquids With Invisalign?

As mentioned before, the soft and supple material of Invisalign makes it vulnerable to hard foods. It also makes the aligners sensitive to extreme temperatures. While it might be okay to drink water at room temperature with the aligners still on, orthodontists do not recommend doing the same when hot or cold drinks are consumed. The aligners could get dents, bubbles, scratches and might be permanently damaged or discolored because of the liquid. However, there is no getting away from the discomfort of taking Invisalign out every time a glass of wine or a mug of coffee is consumed.

A lot of patients completely stop consuming fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, juices and alcohol because they have their Invisalign treatment going on. This shouldn’t be done. With a little bit of time and practice, wearing and removing the aligners would become second nature to the patient and wouldn’t seem so tedious. In fact, drinking cool water can often help with the pain and tenderness in the gums for beginner Invisalign wearers. It can also be helpful of establishing a drinking routine so that there are no surprises when it comes to Invisalign.

Will Invisalign Give Me Problems With Speech?

Speech issues are pretty common with all orthodontic treatments and Invisalign Clovis orthodontists say it’s no different. However, to be fair, the discomfort with Invisalign is relatively more bearable and less permanent as compared to other treatments. Initially, a lot of people experience problems with clear speech. Developing lisps or slurring words together is also common. It can be difficult to properly enunciate difficult words. The sounds made by “s” and “th” in words can also sound garbled. However, patients should know that this issue is short term in nature and once they follow the remedial measures, there would be nothing to worry about.

Patients should spend time with close friends and family members while they are in the transitioning phase. Reading out loud from a book or in front of a mirror can be pretty helpful too. Speech exercises have been known to have a positive impact. Instead of avoiding conversation, talking more would help to speed up the process. It would make the slurring disappear and the lisp would either be eliminated or would become less pronounced with practice and time.

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The Discomfort With Invisalign

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