Can Retainers Fix a Slight Shift of Teeth After Braces?



If you have some issues with your teeth, either a gap, teeth misalignment, or a bending teeth and it worries you, you should worry no more since there is a solution to this problem.


Are Braces The Solution?

Putting on braces can be a good idea especially for people who want beautifully aligned teeth. It should be noted that, braces alone can’t guarantee long-term results.  Without the use of retainers, which should be worn immediately after a corrective treatment with braces for long-term results. They can fix a slight shift in teeth if used correctly and on time. However, if a patient does wear their retainers after braces are removed, teeth can return to their previous position causing the loss of both time and money.

For those who had already gone to an orthodontist for teeth repair or maintenance, they are all familiar with retainers. Retainers are equipment’s used by Orthodontists that helps hold the teeth in place to prevent shifting. They are usually plastic with a metal brace that surrounds the teeth. Many questions arise as to who, how and when to use retainers. The following information is aided in giving all one needs to know about retainers;

Who Can Use a Retainer?

Teeth alignment is not affected by age. This therefore means that retainers can be used by anyone who wants their teeth look good regardless of one’s age. The only thing that may differ is the time in which the whole process would take. Having in mind that adults’ teeth are stiffer and has ceased to grow, it would therefore take more time to adult as compared to a child hence an adult would be more likely to wear on retainers after braces if teeth positions are to be maintained.

Many factors affect the shifting of teeth after braces are removed but this depends on individuals and no one can predict the exact amount of shifting that will occur after braces removal. Moreover, most patients will encounter teeth shifting the problem to some point if one does not put on a retainer after braces.

For How Long Will It Take to Revert the Teeth to The New Position?

Depending on the prescriptions from Orthodontist, the time on which a patient has to put on a retainer varies for each person. In some cases, retainers are worn full-time for few weeks and only at night for some years. This will help harden the new shape of the teeth. Though after a period of six months with retainers on, teeth start to stabilize but it is recommended that a retainer should be worn for between one and five years. Nevertheless, depending on the type of retainer, others can be worn throughout the life.

How Do I Take Care Of My Retainer?

Retainers, as well as teeth should be taken a good care of. Cleaning of retainers should be done daily to ensure hygiene and it should also never be placed directly on the bathroom counter. Cleaning should be done using retainer cleaners to remove bacteria and also stored in a retainer case provided to ensure safety. Some retainers are permanently fixed and therefore cleaning them should be done through brushing i.e. while brushing your teeth. For permanent retainers, make sure to remove any food particles caught in between the wire to prevent germs from building up.

In order to keep retainers safe, it is recommended that patients should remove them before performing dental hygiene, participating in some contact sports like rugby, and also while eating. This is mainly for retainers which are not permanent.

How Many Types of Retainers Are Available?

There are two different types of retainers, fixed/permanent retainer and a removable retainer.

Removable retainer

It’s a classic retainer that perfectly fits in the mouth. An acrylic part that goes over your teeth help position them aligning their layout.

Permanent retainer

This retainer is permanently fixed to your teeth and they will help fix shifting teeth back to normal. A fixed retainer may be recommended if your teeth are at risk of shifting further and you are not to wear braces again.

Tips On How to Use Retainers

  • Storage containers for retainers should be taken care or to ensure their safety if a retainer is ever removed from the mouth.
  • Patients with fixed retainers should take more time taking care of their teeth. Through brushing regularly.
  • Never bit into hard surfaces or food.
  • If the retainer is interfering with your speech, you have to contact the specialist as soon as possible.

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Can Retainers Fix a Slight Shift of Teeth After Braces?

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