Can I consider further treatment if I’m not satisfied with my smile after braces is off?

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If your teeth are not straight, braces can help you to straighten them, hopefully giving you the smile you have always dreamed of. However, some people find after their treatment, their teeth  aren’t as perfect or as straight as they would have liked. If you find yourself in this situation, your mind may be racing with questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about braces and straight teeth.


Can Braces Give You Perfectly Straight Teeth?

Braces can help to straighten and align teeth, but they can’t fix every situation. If you have a severe over or under bite, or a twisted tooth, you may always have slight character flaws or imperfections to your teeth that braces, or other straightening systems, can’t fix. As such, you need to be realistic about what braces can do for you and what they cannot do for you. In some instances, other cosmetic procedures may be needed if you are looking for a flawless grin. Consult with an orthodontic professional and/or a cosmetic dentist to find out what you can expect with these dental devices and what is unrealistic to expect out of them.

What Should I Do If I Am Not Happy With My Smile When the Braces Come Off?

It is everyone’s worst nightmare. They shell out the money and time for braces and then the day comes when they get them off. But instead of being happy with what they see in the mirror, they are underwhelmed. If this is what you feel, you may be wondering how to proceed. If this is happening to you, you will want to meet with an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist.  Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with their teeth and they may think it is the straightness of them, when realistically, it is something completely different, such as the shape and color. This is where a comsetic dentist comes in. They can fix the shape and size of the teeth to get you those pearly whites you are after.  If you are positive that it is the straightness of the teeth that is the issue, the professional who placed braces on evaluate your situation and give you options as to what can be done.

What Happens if I’m Not Happy With How Straight My Teeth Are When the Braces Come Off?

Your orthodontist will want you to be happy with the results of having braces. If you are not, there are options available to you. One option is to put the braces back on, so that you can achieve the look that you want. If the braces have been removed to early or you didn’t follow the dentist’s suggestions while having them on, this may help to correct the problem.  Another popular option that is now available is Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear tray system that slowly shifts the position of your teeth, helping to straighten them. This clear tray makes it so no one knows you are wearing a straightening device. If your braces have been removed but you still desire a different look without the metal and appearance of traditional braces, this may be a great option to continue your teeth straightening journey.

The last option is to wear headgear at night as you sleep. Wearing headgear can slowly continue your teeths journey to straightness, without you having to wear braces. This is perfect for those who just need to re-shift their teeth or those whose teeth need just a bit more work.

I Was Happy With My Smile But Now My Teeth Look Crooked Again. Why?

As you get older, your teeth can end up shifting with age. As such, it is important that you understand that braces are never a permanent solution. As you age, your teeth will move and this can cause them to shift position and become uneven or crooked again. This is especially true if you lose a tooth and do not have an implant or crown placed, as it gives your teeth room to shift.  Luckily for you though, if your teeth do shift, braces or teeth alignment systems can be placed and used to quickly and easily re-straighten your teeth. Most people do not have to wear the teeth straightening devices as long as they did the first time, especially if the shifting is caught fairly early on.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Ensure I Am Happy With My Appearance When the Braces Come Off?

There is never a guarantee that you will be happy with the end results. When you go through the years of having braces and you are anxious to see what your teeth look like and if they are straight, you could be disappointed if they are not as straight as you would like for them to be. Following the recommendations of your orthodontist while the braces are on give you the best chance at being happy with the result. Keep your appointments and make sure that the braces are adjusted and tightened on a regular basis. Avoid eating food that can damage or bend the brackets. And should a bracket become loose, get it fixed right away. This can minimize the amount of time you have to wear these orthodontic devices and increase the likelihood that they will straighten your teeth as best they can.

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  1. Hi I’ve had braces twice now on my upper teeth in the past 6 years and I wear retainers every night but I’m still not happy with my smile at all. It’s like my teeth are moving again and I’ve checked my retainer for cracks and I can’t see any at all so I’m thinking about getting them done again but I’m fed up with paying money out when they keep moving .. What’s the best solution for me to do ? I had them done at Abc dentistery in Birmingham ..

  2. Hi Thomas, if you have your teeth straightened again with braces, you could ask your orthodontist to fit you with a fixed retainer. This is a wire which they cement behind your teeth to prevent them from moving. I got my braces off last month and I have had a fixed retainer behind my lower arch, and I can honestly say I don’t notice it there. I also wear clear retainers every day and night for the time being. My best friend is wearing braces for the third time now because of her teeth keep reverting to their old positions. She is going to get the wire fitted like me so that her teeth finally stay put. If you don’t opt for braces again, I find composite bonding a really effective and easy way to get the smile you desire. It’s about £65 per tooth done by an NHS dentist. I hope this message reaches you and helps.

  3. *Also, I’ve looked at the dentist you used and the dentist who fitted your braces is not a qualified Orthodontist. All dentists can take a short course to learn how to do the quick fix smiles, such as Invisalign. But your best, most safest and effective option is to go with a fully qualified orthodontist who will straighten your teeth using train tracks. You can have clear or porcelain brackets which are tooth computed if you prefer something more discreet. I had the porcelain ones. My dentist explained to me that orthodontists stay at university for an extra 3 years (ontop of the 5 that it takes to be a dentist) to be able to perform orthodontsitry. I wouldn’t trust anyone who hadn’t put in that extra hard work, as it just shows they are doing it to make a lot of money very quickly.

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