How Can Early Treatment Save Your Time, Money, and Effort?

orthodontist visitHow Can Early Treatment Save Your Time, Money, and Effort?

Braces have been a staple of adolescent life since yearbooks have been around. One quick glance at your old high school yearbook is all it takes to see an assortment of braces of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Times are changing. Children 7 to 8 years old are actually much better candidates to receive the dental makeover and not just for practicality’s sake but your wallet as well.

Faster Process

Early treatment in children has the potential to speed up the process and reduce the amount of overall time the child has to use braces (when compared to older children who received later treatment). This is because children within the ages of 7 or 8 have much more pliable jaws and their teeth can be shifted quickly. At this age their adult teeth are still growing and shifting their position is a far easier process.

More Benefits

Not only is early treatment a faster process, but it can prove to be a much better idea in the long run and prevent many problems in the future. Because there are several problems an orthodontist can address, if these problems are corrected at an earlier age, the child can avoid several complications later on in life. Since it is easier to treat a developing mouth and jaw, it can prove to be a better idea to correct them when they are easier to do so.

Early treatment can aid the child by guiding jaw growth, reduce the amount of trauma to the front teeth, improve the way lips close, guide permanent teeth into the most favorable position, and correct habits that may prove harmful later on in development such as thumb sucking. Prevention is always key and many of the problems that can be corrected at an earlier age are (but are not limited to):

  • Cheek biting
  • Teeth touching the roof of the mouth
  • Grinding or extra pressure of the teeth
  • Chewing or eating complications
  • Breathing solely through the mouth
  • Crowding
  • Partially or completely blocked out teeth
  • Front teeth that do not meet correctly
  • Facial structure

Lower Effort and Maintenance

There are several treatments that the child can benefit that would otherwise be more difficult to treat at a later age as well. Treatments such as:

  • Space maintenance – Which ensures that adult teeth can erupt in adequate positions through the use of passive space maintainers
  • Maxillary Protraction – In the case in which the child has an underbite or overbite, the maxillary bones in the jaw can be adjusted so that they develop and grow in a more correct profile.
  • Partial Braces – Braces that can be applied to the most developed sections of teeth.
  • Palatal Expansions – Expansions which can correct the development of the jaw in order to prevent cross bites, lower jaw shifts, and future crowding

Lower Costs

Treating these issues while the child is still young can save a substantial amount of money. Many of these issues can turn into major complications later on in life and because of “ease of treatment” found in children is not found in young adults or adults, treatments can become costly. It is highly recommended to ask your orthodontist about possible problems that can be treated in your children as soon as possible. Early examinations at the age of seven are essential to diagnose and treat possible complications which can prove to be expensive in adult years.

Procedures such as partial braces will save more money over the long run by correcting more obvious problems with teeth crowding before more expensive “full braces” are applied for a larger amount of time and price. There are also oftentimes complimentary guidance programs which act as a way to monitor the child’s progress and prevent or treat complications as they happen in order to avoid further treatments down the road and expenses. It pays off to invest time in early treatments as it is much easier for orthodontists to foresee possible costly complications and deal with them before they become an issue.

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How Can Early Treatment Save Your Time, Money, and Effort?


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