Begin A New Day With A Simple SMILE


No one is fully dressed without a smile, and you should take this wisdom to heart this year. You can listen to smile quotes or you can get them at a Fresno orthodontist office. You have the ability to change your smile and the smiles in your family if you are willing to make changes starting today.

Braces for the Kids

Braces for the kids are items you must start working on earlier. Some kids mature so quickly that they can start on braces when they are in 4th or 5th grade. If you start the process early, it is less expensive for the process. Also, you will be able to spare your child ridicule in school at older ages when other people have already had their braces off.

Braces for You

A Clovis orthodontist can offer you braces and teeth straightening options, as well. Many adults such as yourself never had the chance to get braces when they were younger. You can make a change to your smile now while you are still young. We can fit you with clear braces or invisible mouth molds that help to straighten your teeth while you sleep.

Friendly Environment

There is a friendly environment that we offer in the office that you cannot beat. There are toys for the youngest children in your family to play with. There are books and magazines for the older kids and our staff is approachable. You can ask any question you like at any time.

Contact an orthodontist today to make sure you are putting your family on path to bright smiles and dental health. Nalchajian Orthodontics can serve the youngest members of your family up to your husband and beyond. Our goal is to make your smile lovely, and we hope that you entrust us with such a delicate task.

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Begin A New Day With A Simple SMILE

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