Are braces painful?

bracesAre braces painful?

Orthodontic treatments have changed a lot in response to new technology, and you will be happy to know that this has drastically reduced the discomfort associated with braces. While everyone wants a beautiful smile, it is common for people to express concern about having to deal with pain. As you know, orthodontists like to know that their patients are comfortable, and they will use every technique available to keep you as pain-free as possible. While orthodontic treatment is not completely painless, understanding the differences in appliances and maintenance strategies can help you choose the most comfortable option.

Benefit From New Attachment Methods For Metal Braces

Many older adults can remember when metal brackets were rings that had to be forced between the teeth. This often led to increased discomfort during the initial placement, and patients sometimes found that the metal brackets irritated their gums. Now, brackets are usually able to be cemented to the teeth using a special type of orthodontic glue that can be removed when treatment is complete. These smaller brackets reduce the pressure placed on the rest of your mouth, and it makes getting your new braces as comfortable as getting a dental cleaning.

Understand The Treatment Process

Orthodontic appliances work by creating tension that pushes or pulls your teeth into the preferred alignment. It is this tension that is usually the cause of any pain that you might feel during your treatment, and it is typically worse the first few days after you have your braces placed on your teeth. Eventually, the pain will recede, but it may flare up occasionally when you visit your orthodontist to have your braces adjusted. It is important to note that everyone responds to the pressure differently. Older teens and adults tend to be able to ignore the pain more than younger kids who may not understand what is happening. Talking about the treatment process, and reminding kids that the pain eases up over several days helps them manage any discomfort that they feel.

Find Out If Invisalign Is An Option

Many people prefer clear plastic aligners for aesthetic reasons, but you may also find that they are more comfortable than the traditional metal appliances. This is because Invisalign works by using aligner trays that are customized to fit your teeth. Since the aligners fit over your teeth, there is no need for metal wires that can hurt your cheeks and gums. While you will still have that mild discomfort caused by pressure that occurs whenever you change out your trays, you can reduce other types of pain.

Recognize When Pain Means Something Is Wrong

Once you get used to your braces, you should feel comfortable the majority of the time. You will also begin to recognize what normal discomfort is that follows having your braces tightened. For instance, you may have a feeling of pressure in your mouth, and some people have mild headaches. However, you should never find that having orthodontic treatment creates severe pain that interferes with your normal activities. When pain feels constant, sharp or unusual compared to the normal pressure, it is important to visit your orthodontist to see what might be wrong. Sometimes, you may have a broken wire poking your mouth, or your braces may be too tight. Either way, your orthodontic team can make a few corrective adjustments to make sure that you can eat and speak normally without being in pain.

Minimize the Pain Associated With Treatment

While a little discomfort just goes with the process of straightening your teeth, there are many things that you can do to keep the pain levels low. For instance, you can use special wax to protect your tender cheeks and gums from areas where the metal brackets and wires might rub. You can also take a mild pain reliever before and after your orthodontic appointments to ease the discomfort and inflammation. If you get a scrape or sore in your mouth, then using salt water rinses helps the area to feel better and heal faster. If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, then you might also prefer this treatment since you can remove your trays for eating so that it is more comfortable as well.

Follow Your Treatment Instructions

Taking care of your orthodontic appliances goes a long way toward ensuring that you do not deal with major pain because things like broken wires or retainers hurt. If you have traditional metal braces, then make sure to listen to your orthodontist’s instructions regarding which foods to avoid. This is because hard or sticky foods can break the wires and lead to a need for an emergency appointment. It is also important to avoid oral behaviors such as biting your nails or chewing on pencils for the same reason. With both types of braces, you will also need to keep up your oral hygiene routine. Make sure that you know how to brush and floss your teeth properly and learn how to clean your aligner trays. This way, you can avoid having other oral health issues such as cavities arise during your treatment that can generate serious pain.

Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment At Nalchajian Orthodontics

If you live in California, then you can schedule an appointment at Nalchajian Orthodontics to learn more about fixing your malocclusions. An orthodontist at one of our facilities can examine your teeth to determine what type of treatment you require to improve your smile. We have two experts available, including:

• Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
• Dr. Greg Nalchajian

You can visit our Clovis or Fresno location to have orthodontic treatment with these devices:

• Ceramic or metal braces
• Invisalign aligners
• Herbst appliances
• Retainers

After your examination that includes medical images, you will enjoy a free consultation to learn more about orthodontic treatment.

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Are braces painful?

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