Always Remember to Be Happy Because You Never Know Who’s Falling in Love with Your Smile

SQ11-NalchajianHappiness is often contagious, and there is a valid reason why smile quotes are popular. While its origins are unknown, people can relate to the truth of the quote, “Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.” Every day, people, as well as well-known authors, and public figures, have commented on the perks associated with a happy smile. The power of the mouth extends far beyond eating, chewing, and speaking. Eyes can seem to light up, and mouths can form smiles that actually make others feel warmth. It’s hard to say how far reaching the benefits of a smile are. You might inadvertently change the course of a stranger’s day, cause a child to want to spend more time in your company, or even cause a significant other to be attracted to you and ultimately fall in love.

If you feel inner happiness, but hesitate on giving out smiles because of mouth pain and discomfort or misaligned teeth, be sure to seek the specialized attention of an experienced orthodontist. Nalchajian Orthodontics is a trusted practice that has already served thousands of satisfied patients. There are two convenient orthodontic office locations in California. You can see a premier orthodontist in Fresno, or an excellent orthodontist in Clovis. Our team believes in the power and self-esteem associated with a healthy smile, and we have a strong dedication to oral health and community involvement.

New braces and Invisalign patients receive a complimentary first visit and our friendly team takes the time to discuss detailed information about treatment time frames and finance options. We use safe and advanced technology and give all patients a personalized experience. There is even an option to track your progress on our secure website. We want to make the world a brighter place for you, and for all those surrounding you. Use your smile as an open invitation to all that life has to offer. We use customized treatment plans that allow each patient to enjoy the best smile possible. Feel free to browse our online patient smile gallery. Contact us today to set up an appointment. If you like, you can add your finished product photograph to our wall of smiles!

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Always Remember to Be Happy Because You Never Know Who’s Falling in Love with Your Smile

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