AcceleDent Aura

Gently Move those Teeth back into Place at a Faster Pace with AcceleDent and SoftPulse Technology

Acceledent in FresnoNow, you can be smiling again in half the time it normally takes for braces to do their job. Your smile is going to love this. Orthodontic procedures work by remodeling the bones that surround your teeth. Sometimes that remodeling job is slow and takes a lot of work. Fortunately for your teeth, new technology has arrived to cut the job in half.

AcceleDent Aura from OrthoAccel is a lightweight device that utilizes tiny, gentle vibrations called micropulses to speed up the orthodontic process and get your teeth looking great a whole lot faster.

Does that make you want to smile?

AcceleDent Aura

So, here’s an overview of the main benefits of this technology.

• It’s convenient, lightweight and so easy to use.
• Each usage is only twenty minutes a day.
• The device is easy to maintain and care for.
• It works with your computer to generate daily usage reports.
• It cuts down the time needed for wearing braces.
• It makes the whole process of realigning your teeth a lot more comfortable.

Clinical tests have shown the effectiveness of this technology for making things go faster.

How much faster?

This technology has been shown to accelerate a patient’s tooth movement fifty per cent faster. Patients have also reported a decrease in the discomfort that is experienced during orthodontic procedures.

To begin, your orthodontic professional will select a mouthpiece which is unique for you in size and style and which works together with braces or clear aligners.

So, here’s how it works step by step. It’s so simple.

• Before first use, The AcceleDent Aura must be fully charged overnight.
• After that, the battery only needs two hours to recharge.
• A flashing orange light indicates the unit is charging until it turns solid green.
• Insert the mouthpiece into the activator.
• Press the power button.
• Use continuously for twenty minutes. After ten minutes, three short vibrations indicate you are halfway there. After twenty minutes, it automatically shuts off.
• A flashing orange light will indicate that the battery needs recharging. Simply remove the mouthpiece and attach the activator to the charging unit.

Caring for your AcceleDent device is also simple.

• Always keep in mind that the activator is not waterproof. It must be kept in a dry place at all times. Wipe it with a soft cloth.
• When cleaning the mouthpiece, first remove it from the activator and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Keep tabs on the pace of your treatment with FastTrac.

• Power off the activator and insert it into a USB port on your computer.
• Click on the AcceleDent file and open it. Click on the FastTrac icon and view the usage chart indicating daily usage history.

Are crooked teeth ruining your smile? Are you ready to feel those good vibrations at work? Feel free to smile again in half the time. Schedule a complimentary consultation at Nalchajian Orthodontics at one of our two locations in Fresno and Clovis.

AcceleDent Aura

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